Weekly Vlog  |  Feeling Uninspired, Vintage Haul, & Shopping At Anthropologie

Weekly Vlog | Feeling Uninspired, Vintage Haul, & Shopping At Anthropologie

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☆ Sharing some of my days out of the week with you guys! This is how most of my days are like so I hopefully I can capture more fun events in the next vlog! ☆
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Hello hello, my name is Anna and I run the YouTube channel There She Goes! This is where I showcase my love for vintage styling and incorporating it into my bohemian style, showing you guys my go-to thrift stores, and sharing my life here in the city!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog | Feeling Uninspired, Vintage Haul, & Shopping At Anthropologie”

  1. Hint… 🙂 wash mirrors with a warm wet rag. Go over several time. Then dry with thick paper towels. Then wash again with Windex or what ever cleanser you like.,

  2. That coat is awesome, but oh my, BOTH those pairs of shorts are some of the most envy inducing clothing items I've seen on your channel in a long time.

  3. I love your channel your style is great you are so simple and pretty.Thank you for inspiring us . By the way your music taste are awesome <3 Do more music playlists please 🙂 Greetings from France.

  4. How come you have moved into the realm of wearing fur? As a fashionista, you have influence in the world. Vintage/used or not, wearing it sends a message that fur is fashion. Take 5 mins to look into a fox fur farm and see where fur comes from. It is up to us to be the voices for animals. I am a subscriber and viewer and enjoy your vlogs. With the billion options we have on what to wear, real fur is not an essential.

  5. I so loving getting dressed for just doing something small! It totally makes me feel more ready to take on the day and I almost always feel happier throughout the day when I do

  6. Hello! It is chenille:) velour is a different fabric altogether. Your fur and suede jacket is smashing! As always, I enjoyed your vibe in the big smoke! Thank you!

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