Washing Antique Doll's Dress part 2

Washing Antique Doll’s Dress part 2

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This is part 2 of my experience with how to clean antique doll’s clothes. Bought some very old dolls on ebay and the clothes needed cleaning. Please leave comment of your own tips about cleaning antique fabric. Thank you for watching!

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  1. i have read about a cleaning technique many years ago for antique irish lace, i wonder if it would work for this purpose? basin full of warm water, drop in one tablet of denture cleaner, once it was stopped fizzing then add the item. (small basin, small item) let soak awhile, keep checking it and turning it to make sure fabric isn’t being damaged in any way. remove and re soak in clean warm water, drain, rinse. dry on top of a thick towel gently blotting to remove excess water and dirt. finally smooth, shape then pin it to a piece of cardboard covered in fresh dry towel until dry. (this is called blocking)

  2. Quality antique dolls still remain strong in the market. “Quality” is the key word. In the days when collectors’ buying was limited to what they saw in shops or at shows, they bought what was available. The Internet now gives collectors access to an international doll market 24 hours a day. With this supply, collectors can pick and choose. Advanced collectors want the best that is available and they are willing to wait for it. Damaged items or very ordinary items are left behind or have to be priced very inexpensively. Rare German, English and French dolls in perfect condition do not remain available long. What you have – Museum of Childhood – with proper care they will find new home.

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