Vintage Vogue 2193: Crushed Velvet Dress

Vintage Vogue 2193: Crushed Velvet Dress

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This Jerry Silverman classic is perfect for any body type and easy enough for a beginner seamstress to an advanced sewist! Watch me transform a fabric I don’t particularly care for into one of my favorite dresses! Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue 2193: Crushed Velvet Dress”

  1. You must have had tendonitis, I've had that before and it really hurts. My hands and wrist hurt for about 3 mos. By the way the dress is so cute and you look beautiful my friend. 🙂

  2. So excited to see you!!!!! As always your dress came out beautifully!!! Thank you for the review, it's truly appreciated.

  3. So cool! Yeah, I was totally not expecting the cowl to have been attached like that. Could come in handy to protect your hair on a rainy day, I guess! Not that it would really help. One speck of humidity in the air and my hair goes totally stupid. — No need to apologize. Life happens. Glad you're better. I've been off my sewing game too. I fell down the stairs at the end of Jan/start of Feb, and damaged my tailbone. Sitting was painful for a long time and only just now in May, after healing & getting a better chair for my sewing desk, I'm finally back at it.

  4. Hi hope y feel much better, by the way I have looked at that pattern over the years it is beautiful . Lv the way it looks on y the fit looks perfect. Happy assemblies happy sewing

  5. Good to see you again. Now sorry to hear that you were not able to sew. I know how you feel. I've had and operation this March and it put me down. Had not been able to sew my dress for the Wedding sew along. Still have time to do it, I have until 4/18/18 to enter. My hands hurt as well not for the same reasons. I've been on some Med's that cause the pain. It still hurts. Anyway. I like this dress and I'm going to try and get this pattern. Good to see your back. I did miss you, LOL. This is not grandma. LOL, have fun sewing, later.

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