Vintage Pickups ft. Blitz London

Vintage Pickups ft. Blitz London

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➥ All Saints Shirt (Alternative) –
➥ Glazed G Cap (Navy) –
➥ Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Glasses –
➥ Coiled Snake Ring –
➥ Goti Ring (Sold Out) –
➥ The Silver Stone Ring –
➥ The Great Frog Ring –

Today we have a pickup video featuring some clothes from Blitz, I know I normally would include this in a Vintage Vibes episode but you guys have seen Blitz enough now.

Five pieces, as mentioned in the video I’ve tried to find some alternatives – obviously they may not look exactly the same but the vibe is there! I’ve also left a link to my personal Grailed account where you might catch some steals! For the curious few; the links provided are indeed affiliated meaning that if you happen to cop through my link, I will get a small commission. So. Cop.

Grailed –

Reclaimed Vintage Camo Over-Shirt –

Reclaimed Vintage Revived Camo BDU Military Jacket –

SLP Camouflage Print Military Jacket –

Dxpe Chef Bomber Jacket in Camo Print –

Topman Bleached Denim Shirt –

Topman Black Bleach Denim Shirt –

Reclaimed Vintage Overdyed Hoodie –

Reclaimed Vintage Bleached Flannel (ON SALE) –

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JARED JACKSON – A Lover’s Bounce

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41 thoughts on “Vintage Pickups ft. Blitz London”

  1. please make a diy video of you cropping the military jacket, i have the exact same jacket that i have been thinking of cropping for a while now but idk how

  2. pleas sangiez do a diy as you stated with the army desert field jacket cuz not many vid. out there. great vid love your style and your flow on these vid. great job

  3. My family recently relocated to Devon and I NEED to find a vintage store somewhere but I have no idea where to look and I currently can't drive.

  4. This might sound like a silly question, but what is defined as vintage clothing? Was the certain item made years ago? Or is the item made new with old fabrics? Or is the design just inspired by fashion or clothing from years ago? I've always thought it was made years ago and is being sold second hand? Thanks Sang

  5. Cool video as always Sangiev. Big fan of the flannel shirt / jacket in particular. That fit with the slp bikers too! All the best.

  6. I'm so jealous of the fact that you got so cool Vintage Stores in the UK (and the US). In Switzerland there are barely any Second Hand Shops and if you find one, they are simply overpriced and don't have many items (just regular Levis Jeans cost for example still 80 Euros which is ridiculous in my opinion)

  7. hey sang go check out live fast die young (LFDY) think you would like their stuff and check out the sale shit the old collection is fire bro

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