Vintage Outfit Ideas! I Wore Vintage Clothing For One Week!

Vintage Outfit Ideas! I Wore Vintage Clothing For One Week!

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I dressed in 1950’s clothing for a week! I love the style of 1950’s clothing. I always wondered what it would be like to dress how they did for a week. This week decided to test it out! Everyday of this week I wore either vintage clothing or vintage inspired clothing.This week of dressing like a 1950’s housewife was so inspiring! Housewives always took pride in how they looked, it was nice to feel dressed up and put together everyday! It was such a fun challenge and made me feel so happy!

Housewife video!-
Shopping for 1950’s clothing-
I lived like a 1950’s housewife for 24 hours!!-

Outfit 1
lemon dress-
Outfit 2
blue dress-
Outfit 4
pink pants-
Outfit 5
red checkered top-
mom jeans-
Outfit 7
gingham dress (similar)-


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33 thoughts on “Vintage Outfit Ideas! I Wore Vintage Clothing For One Week!”

  1. Check out Emily Post's etiquette book. You eat more like continental, instead of American, which is okay. Don't be so self conscious! You are doing great!

  2. This might be my favorite video by far! I legit wish I had your wardrobe you always look so gorgeous and classy! I love you so much emelyne!!

  3. I loved the outfit with the mom jeans and the red and white button down top and the headband. It looks like something a teenager or young adult/young mom would have worn. I also like the dress you said reminded you of a Lucille Ball dress. I love watching I Love Lucy. My family is obsessed with that show. I love seeing the styles that were popular during that time period.

  4. Hardworking queen and i always eat breakfast like that its ok to eat food like that no one should judge u for that <3

  5. The nightgown from Tuesday reminds me of the scene in Oklahoma where the girls are getting ready for the box social!

  6. I know this is super random, but where'd you get that adorable vintage looking blue fan?? It's so cute! Thanks for sharing yet another fabulous video xx

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