Vintage Makes, Paytern & Fabric Haul

Vintage Makes, Paytern & Fabric Haul

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New York Pattern 1950’s Dress
Dubarry Pattern 1940’s Dress
Simplicity 1940’s Blouse
Butterick 1950’s Skirt

3 thoughts on “Vintage Makes, Paytern & Fabric Haul”

  1. Maybe you should do some editing …I don't think you meant to post yourself in your undergarments. Not judging just advising.

  2. I would definitely wear that green dress. It's pretty. This vlog perfectly illustrates how difficult it is to get set up to film a vlog.

  3. Did you mean to post a video of yourself getting dressed and undressed and running around in your slip? I'm wondering if maybe you uploaded the wrong video. Your makes are nice, though!

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