Vintage Fashion and Homeware Thrift Store Haul

Vintage Fashion and Homeware Thrift Store Haul

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I went thrifting last week and cleaned up buying a bunch of cute items for my home including a Cat Marie Antoinette Teapot, Vintage Cameo and earrings, some Avon collectables and the cutest yellow jacket and pink blouse.

5 thoughts on “Vintage Fashion and Homeware Thrift Store Haul”

  1. I think the cat vest would look so cute with a white tee tucked into black high waisted jeans, or long black skirt, and blush pink boots. Also, I will recommend this video to someone I know who LOVES antiques. She will fall in love with you instantly. 🙂

  2. All your finds are pretty and unique. The pendant and earrings are beautiful, I loved that you knew who it belongs and the details. The pink blouse is my fav!

  3. Such cool finds! I love that each piece has a history or story behind it.
    It would be fun to see how you style that cat vest!

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