Vintage Crossdressers, Amazing Beauties from the Past

Vintage Crossdressers, Amazing Beauties from the Past

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Crossdressers from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and some from 90’s.

Pass As Woman With Real Hair Blonde Wig:

BEST Crossdressing Hip Pads:

Super Realistic Breast forms:

Shape Your Feminine Waist:

Cover Facial Hair with Kryolan Paint Stick

Book For Happy Crossdressing Family:

This channel expresses the glamour, the femininity, the style, the grace and the beauty in both genders.

25 thoughts on “Vintage Crossdressers, Amazing Beauties from the Past”

  1. Lovely pics. I love being reminded that crossdressing has been around and isn't something new. These lovely ladies probably had to be deeper in the closet than we do today.

  2. I know to look at me now you would never know it but these are the ladies like so may of you that helped me along and gave me courage to crossdress and go out in public when i was younger. Oh what fun.

  3. Videos like this and those submitted by crossdressers today is what has me turned on to crossdressers. I am a man who enjoys crossdressers and like to date them and someday hope to have a long lasting relationship with a crossdressers.

  4. More fun years ago, forbidden fruit, also the clothes were sexier – stockings and girdles and all that. Today everybody and his dog is at it, and clothes are often androgynous. I put on jeans and s t-shirt, what am I, a boy or a girl. I shave my bodyhair, wear a headscarf, and a touch of lipstick and eyeshadow, you'd be hard put to tell.

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