Vintage Clothing | 1917 Fashion Show

Vintage Clothing | 1917 Fashion Show

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Updated and edited, this nearly 100 year old vintage movie clip features a fashion show from 1917. Check out the vintage dresses and shoes!

18 thoughts on “Vintage Clothing | 1917 Fashion Show”

  1. Modern music beat sounds so out of place for 1917 fashions. Would have been better with authentic music from the 1915-1917 period.

  2. It was that Coco Chanel who started the trend of using lanky American girls for her shows.

    Imagine how many of our time suffer and even dye of eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia etc. Isabelle Caro, Ana Carolina, Elina and Luisel Ramos are just few famous ones among them. I had been a victim of this nasty trend too till I opened my eyes.

  3. Beautiful! It would be soooo much better if you had some different music more suited for it. Scott Joplin maybe? I have to agree, the music is the only drawback to this video.

  4. Most of it appears black in the footage but black was also popular for many reasons long ago… dyes were still primitive and expensive, Black hides stains (especially under arm stains from before deoderant was an option) and has always been thought a demure, elegant and flattering color in fashion.

  5. the artful shoes were crudely made. If you look carefully at how their feet buldge out on the top, I'm sure you can imagine how painful that style is… Even if you're lucky enough to find a pair from that era that would fit you, you'd have to be a masochist to try them on! 🙂

  6. it looks like their turning around so slowly because they might fall their wobbeling must be the hills look like they would really hurt!

  7. Nice clip. 1917 was, of course, the year that the US government asked women to stop wearing corsets – the models seem to have done so here.

  8. This was very nice, and I bet had to find something of this time that is preserved so well, thank you for posting. I found the amount of asymmetry very intersting, would you say this was haute couture of the era?
    And on a side note, I agree with falice, the music was rather distracting and didn't suit at all, the only draw back to this clip.

  9. Opps, I meant to give this a thumbs up and accidentally hit the wrong button ( still waking up – lol!) Sorry, I meant to say YES that's an awesome idea!

  10. Don't these models look as if they might fall when they are turning? They look so coy and almost shy.

    Now models strut down the runway with that bouncy stride, hips swinging, head tossing, hands on hips or swinging in wide arcs. The music is an aggressive tribal rock sound, turned up loud. Hemlines are not the only thing that has changed.

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