Toxic Jewelry: Cadmium found in fashion jewelry (CBC Marketplace)

Toxic Jewelry: Cadmium found in fashion jewelry (CBC Marketplace)

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37 thoughts on “Toxic Jewelry: Cadmium found in fashion jewelry (CBC Marketplace)”

  1. the biggest problem I see with this heath persons logic about kid/adult jewelry is that adults have kids which means BABIES are the ones likely to chew on this stuff when adults have it and don't know the risks.

  2. Cadmium is in batteries we give those to our kids all the time so what? It’s also in potatoes, peanuts, rice and many other foods.. there isn’t escaping cadmium.. this is just blowing this out of proportion.

  3. It's not right, but if you're buying 'gold' looking jewellery for $10-15, you should be suspicious of what it actually is. While in an ideal world, the consumer wouldn't have to worry about toxin in retail products, this isn't an ideal world, and everyone should be suspicious of what makes cheap products cheap.

  4. 60 Percert Hate Of Ages
    80 im __ And still chew on my stuff
    30 What about this or this is it likley to be found here?
    20 So This Why Upgrowns Wear Only Gold And Plautanium

  5. I’m allergic to a lot of metals (like copper) and cheap jewelry has always irritated my skin and caused hives and rashes. So now the only jewelry I wear is my jade bangle bracelet and jade pendant.

  6. Wasn’t it a great idea to outsource all manufacturing to China? Now we can enjoy all kinds of unsafe goodies, our husbands and sons can’t find jobs, because all the jobs are in China, and the corporations that profit from this are getting richer every day.

  7. CBC is so disrespectful and rude of other people in the show. Having a camera doesn't give you a license to do what you do.

  8. Buy STAINLESS STEEL jewelry! It's cheap, hypoallergenic (ZINC ISN'T) and it can last you forever! I sell stainless steel jewerlry, I wouldn't sell zinc jewerly either, it gets ruined quickly and can cause a rash after little use.

  9. If you want to inform yourself about cadmium poisoning or have been startled by this report, you should become aware of the real danger of cadmium and that is the intake of cadmium in food. Just google it!

  10. The wicked rulers of this world care nothing about life they poison you thru your food your water your air, now your jewelry come on oh I forgot your clothing they does that as well and your cleaning products .

  11. I'm not a child, and I don't want that crap on my skin! Not targetting children? Is that the excuse? so I must be so careful to where I put my "toxic" accessories so no child will put it in their mouth! Yeah right

  12. This regulator bloke reminds me of the scene where Sir Humphrey explains to Bernard that government departments are there to serve the interests of groups they're supposed to control. The more you know…

  13. So adults can have jewelry containing cadmium at higher levels than required by Canadian standards, which can end up in children's mouths and body? The guy at the end failed to really answer why cadmium can't just be eliminated for all age groups.

  14. People have to get over cheap prices. Everyone goes looking for a deal, not caring why the item price is so cheap. Stop buying cheap crap people!!!

  15. It is very obvious why these types of dangers exist. Those who are charged with our protection are either unable or unwilling to do just that. It's as if this is actually intentional. And probably is. My faith in my governments commitment to protecting innocent civilians from this crap is currently at zero. It seems these government watchdog agencies designed to protect us actually have very little of the power that is needed to effectively do that. They seem to exist solely to give the illusion our government is looking out for us. I feel if government really cared about its citizens, then this crap would not happen so frequently throughout nearly every corner goods are exchanged for money. It is now a sobering reality that every time you pay for goods or services it highly more likely you will be deceived in some way rather than being treated honestly. Why do those doing the selling seem to feel a real need to be dishonest and misleading and even using outright lies to sell us products. I believe honest open transparency would ultimately be a better model. But I must be wrong because that is frighteningly rare. Maybe it is about the lack of faith they have in what they sell. If you're just selling crap and know it, you don't tell the potential customers that do you? DEMAND ACTION!

  16. Disgustingly despicable especially the health department guys response ughhhhhhh I order straight from China but I don't put things in my mouth but I have kids that do shameful

  17. For the child vs. all….. like if an adult is wearing jewelry, and it breaks, then a bead or whatever ends up in the grasp of a toddler – it's going into their mouth. Or hell someone holds their baby, toddler, etc. and are wearing this piece of jewelry: it's likely to end up in the kid's mouth. Even if the adult realizes their mistake and removes the jewelry right after: that kid has just been exposed to the dangerous metal. And since a baby is so much smaller than an adult, it takes a lot less of a substance to poison them.

  18. If it's about melting points being lower, why not use tin? That has a melting point of only 232, whereas cadmium is 321. And unlike cadmium? Tin is totally safe.

    EDIT: Just looked it up…. tin is used in a lot of stuff and is becoming a scarce resource. Damn.

  19. Come on Health Canada, even China bans the sale of those jewelry to anyone. US and Canada seems to be run by businesses that cares about product than your health. We are 30 years behind any modern country. SAD SAD SAD

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