Top 9 Teardrop Trailers With Timeless Retro Design (2019 Models Overview)

Top 9 Teardrop Trailers With Timeless Retro Design (2019 Models Overview)

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In the modern day and age of high tech, anything that has retro design is considered fashionable and is widely desired by consumers of #MSTvacationVehicles. Same goes for the tear drop classic trailers, which have gone through an explosion of popularity in the recent years. In today’s episode of Must See Tech we will take a look at some beautiful caravans within this class that combine outstanding aerodynamic shapes, easily towable weight and beautiful looks that remind us of the less hectic days of the past.
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0:36 #1 Vistabule Teardrop

Vistabule Teardrop is a Minnesota-built trailer that has extra wide-doors and large windows to make its interior more open and airy. As standard it sleeps two, has a rear hatch kitchen, and plenty of storage space under the bed and in the headboard.

1:57 #2 Aero Teardrops

Aero Teardrops offers many trailer models in three classes, from the smallest 5by8 to the 5by10with High Clearance. Depending on your preferences, the custom builds created by the company can be purchased or rented out on a daily basis.

3:17 #3 Wooden Widget Slidavan

Slidavan is a pop-up-body teardrop that can be entirely home-built in your garage. It is an affordable option as even if you end up purchasing all-new materials and parts, its cost should not exceed $4100, including $68 bucks for the design plan from The Wooden Widget.

4:37 #4 High Camp Trailer

High Camp Trailer is a stylish and compact camping solution for two that can be towed by any 6-cylinder car, SUV or truck. It is available in only one 7 by 12-foot floor plan that accommodates all of the must-have features for a teardrop.

5:57 #5 TeardropsNW
TeardropsNW is an Oregon-based RV manufacturer that offers 4 models of rugged retro trailers and has an online-build-yourself configurator allowing customers to create their own unique caravan configuration.

7:17 #6 SunRay 149 Classic from Sunset Park RV Manufacturing

SunRay 149 Classic is a new middle-size trailer in the SunRay line-up of the Indiana-based company Sunset Park RV Manufacturing. It has a dry weight of 2140 lbs, sleeps three, and is priced at $12,995.

8:37 #7 Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland is a Colorado-based caravan manufacturer that currently has 3 models to choose from. All of them are off-road capable, weight between 600 and 900 lbs, can be towed by almost any automobile.

9:32 #8 The Teardrop Trailer

Canada is a home to many RV manufacturers that produce a variety of camping solutions that are among the best in North America. One of them is the Teardrop Trailer. It currently offers 3 models with a starting price of US $3,880.

10:35 #9 Hütte Hut

Hütte Hut is a tiny teardrop model that weighs under 900 lbs, sleeps two and can be towed even by the smallest of cars. The trailer sleeps two, has a plywood body with a canvas roof and huge price tag of $63,900.

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  1. off-road…I just love the """off-road""" trails u show…I could pull a trailer over those trails with my parents old '58 Chevy Station Wagon…

  2. The only option worthy of attention is that do it yourself plan. But it is not a teardrop, though. You should always build the trailer, rather than buy an overpriced crap

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