19 thoughts on “#thriftwithfly | THRIFT AND VINTAGE HAUL! 1/1/14”

  1. New subbie I'm putting up a goodwill haul today make sure to check it out. I swear we have the same taste.

  2. I Located you from Instagram , I love the black leather jacket from today . Ben going to thrift stores all my life love it OK Be Bless.

  3. Hat is amazing, Fly. I would like the last dress shown styled different ways. Like two takes on one outfit. I don't know if that makes sense. Xoxo

  4. the skirt you love with the ladies on it …Have you thought of doing a DIY and maybe shortening the length of the skirt – since you said it didn't do anything for the body the way it was…. love your videos… Love the hat!!

  5. You found some marvelous pieces. I'm loving that hat. The Color Purple my movie too . Purple one my favorite colors.

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