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Welcome to my first Thrift With Me video! I asked my lovely Husband Michael to join me in a day of shopping to show what it’s like as a fat shopper for “plus size” secondhand clothing for both men and women. If you’re a fan of #fatshion and enjoy plus sized try on videos please subscribe to my channel! Should I do more #thrifthaul videos? Thanks Guys & Dolls!

Trivia: Did you know the origin of my YT channel Vintage or Tacky comes from when I worked at Goodwill? On Sunday the store was slow, so we’d take turned finding awesome weird outfits and ask each other “is it #VintageorTacky?”.

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40 thoughts on “THRIFT WITH ME @ GOODWILL | Fatshion”

  1. I enjoyed this playful video with your hubby.

    I totally wish the $800 jacket would have fit!!! He’s a good sport… wish my Hubz would enjoy thirsting! All my kids clothes were thrifted! My d-I-l is picky… and doesn’t “like” second hand clothes from “strangers”.

  2. OMG this has to be one of my most fav videos from you. Don't get me wrong, I love your videos and content, but it was so nice to see the interaction with your husband. And the lipstick video a while back. Plus, I love Thrift shopping and just got my guy in to thinking second hand. I would love to take him on a thrift store shopping trip. Thank you for doing what you do, I love yall XO

  3. You guys are beyond adorable. Sadly my bf dreads thrifting, but he still goes with me and supports me. I just wish he would have so much fun like you two have. You two are so pure!!!

  4. I just want to say that you are so beautiful and I love your videos! Also, you two are the cutest couple ever!

  5. I love how supportive Mikey is, my husband would definitely not spent the time helping me shop and make comments like “that’s cute” haha.

  6. I like this design. I think vlogs get a little boring but this is like vlog upgraded. Also, I will probably always thrift regardless of how much money I make.

  7. Bit late to this video but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Really liked the more vloggy style. Was so nice to spend some time with you two. X

  8. I love thrifting. I found my David's Bridal bridesmaid gown in SA for $10. I never told the bride it was 2nd hand lol and I donated it back after the wedding so another thrifty bridesmaid could find it.

  9. I love how your husband does the hand masks and face cleanser etc. My husband does them to but I have to "nag" him a bit at first. LoL. We have some great guys 🙂

  10. Girl, your brave. My local 2nd hand store smells like pee & I end up leaving, when my skin starts itching. Translation: I don't try on 2nd hand clothes til after I wash em! If clothes don't fit, I take em to work and someone will take em.

  11. Idk who you are but just wanted to say I came from your lash video from 2009 and omg you look the exact same lol so random ok bye

  12. I loved this video Cora! You and Mikey are such a fun couple to watch. I loved the purple shirt with the white polka dots, and the rest of the stuff looked grand! I thought this was very informative.

  13. I loved this video. You two are adorable but I think you should call this Fab fashion, you rocked that red and black striped top and the blue sweater. Love your personality the two of you together.

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