Thrift Store Haul July 2016 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping

Thrift Store Haul July 2016 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping

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Thrift Store Haul July 2016 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping
The sixth in my new monthly series of THRIFT STORE HAUL videos!
See what I found at the thrift store in July 2016!
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44 thoughts on “Thrift Store Haul July 2016 -(Weird Paul) My Best Finds Vintage Vlog Video New Shopping”

  1. 1:12
    Mikey: Paul

    Weird Paul: No Pirate Paul

    Jake Fratelli: Pass Me The Sword (sword hits his hand) OW

    Paul: And Pirate Paul says let’s get the hell out of here

    (Paul and The Goonies Jump off the pirate ship)

    Imagine that you in the Goonies?

  2. Pretty bizarre cover for Less Than Zero… Especially being that film, and anything Brett Easton Ellis is messed up in general. I actually found that soundtrack on vinyl for $2. Now if they would only release the American Psycho soundtrack on vinyl.

  3. All objects in the video costs 26 dollars. Just behind Mia Hamm card, if he wanted to pick, I would have paid without any problems certainly $ 10. Assuming not get football cards. Which is true. Such have only issue of Czech magazine sports stadium, plus cards Liverpool FC from Futera I guess. Then a few small playing cards with fobtalisty. Woman footballer to foster trading cards, and since it is a scarce commodity, collector calmly pay ten or twenty dollars. If such cards get more without problems, some already have, it will be based on the cost of the card.

  4. Mia Hammová

    Birth March 17, 1972 (45 years old)
    Alma mater University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Spouse (s) Nomar Garciaparra
    Some data may come from data items.
    overview medals
    Summer Olympic Games
    Gold 1996 Atlanta Women's Soccer Tournament
    Sydney 2000 silver women's football tournament
    Gold Athens 2004 Women's Soccer Tournament
    Mariel Margaret 'Mia' Hamm (* March 17, 1972, Selma, Alabama) is a former American footballer playing for the position of the attacker. It is one of the most famous fotbalistek history. Twice won the FIFA poll for the best footballer the world, won the first two editions in 2001 and 2002. Moreover, in 2003 and 2004, was second in the poll. Pele he ranked in 2003 as their choice of 125 greatest living footballers as one of the two women (the other was her compatriot Michelle Akers). The US women's football team won two Olympic gold medals, the first Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, the second in Athens in 2004. At the Sydney Olympics silver fought the Americans. [1] It also has four medals from world championships, two gold (1991, 1999) and two bronze (1995, 2003). For the national team of the United States played 275 games in which they scored 158 goals.

  5. I was looking for something down to earth to get away from the politics and YouTube drama. Looking for a humble person making earnest videos about his/her interests. And happily, I found this channel.
    Keep up the good work sir. Subscribed.

  6. Duuude, I'm so jelly of your police record!! They're like in my top 5 greatest bands of all time. My new US History teacher saw them in concert 7 years ago and told me all about them.

  7. Great haul! Where do you find all the room to store all the stuff you buy? Will you be moving into a bigger place soon? lol!

  8. You have no idea how much I look forward to these haul videos. Sorry you won't be able to afford Compact Discs or DVDs anymore. Sweet Napoleon Dynamite dvd though. That message on the side of the school tape is priceless. The LOTR figs are Samwise and Gimli. No way!!!The Thompson twins!!! My first song I remember likeing was by them.

  9. Heck yeah! I just took a trip out west and visited Napoleon Dynamite's house. We also saw Pedro's house. The woman who lived there was wearing a "Vote for Pedro" shirt and took my photo for me. It's right by the school where the bully tells the kid he'll give him some chips for his bike. We also saw the Goonies house and the lighthouse from The Ring. The day before I left I went to a Weird Al concert. Dare to be stupid!

  10. That "Firefox" book you got there is not a novelization, but the original Craig Thomas novel on which the movie was based. I read it myself a few weeks ago, by the way. Quite good, better than the movie.

  11. You find the most odd things…I love it! You wouldn't like the prices of media in our thrift stores over here…3.99 DVDs 2.99 CDs 1.99 vinyl and .99 cassettes

  12. The weird mask at the end of the video is my favorite item. "Fragile" by Yes is a great album. It has really cool cover art by Roger Dean.

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