Say Something – Jazz / Soul A Great Big World Cover feat. Robyn Adele Anderson & Hudson Thames

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While we were visiting our friends at Wava Studios in LA, Hudson Thames dropped by for a spontaneous collab video. If you haven’t yet heard of Hudson, you will – he’s been busy making a name for himself in both the music and television industry. Check out his soulful vocals on this cover of A Great Big World / Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something,” with backup vocals by Robyn and a fancy Steadicam video to go with it. For more about Hudson, visit

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

The Band:

Hudson Thames – vocals
Robyn Adele Anderson – vocals
Mike Cottone – flugelhorn
Adam Kubota – bass
Allan Mednard – drums
Scott Bradlee – piano

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Little World Classic Manual Coffee Grinder Vintage Style

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✔Capture the old-world charm of grinding coffee beans with the classic grinder
✔Easy Storage: With a dimension of 4”x4”x6.5”, it takes very small room to store it after use
✔Functional and Decorative with a Warm Vintage Redwood Color
✔Handy Drawer Design: Pure wood bottom base with a little handy drawer- super convenient and easy to operate. Clean it once a week is recommended
✔Adjustable Grinding Modes: This built in adjustable coffee grinder selector gives you control over the coarseness so you define how your Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew, French Press or Turkish should be

Mad World – Vintage Vaudeville – Style Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart

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Puddles is back to deliver his take on the Tears for Fears / Gary Jules classic, “Mad World.” What he didn’t count on, however, is that Haley Reinhart would stop by to cheer him up…

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

The Band:
Puddles – vocals

Haley Reinhart – vocals

Jonathan Richards – bass
Chip Thomas – drums
Scott Bradlee – piano

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In his day, the Hungarian Martin Munkacsi (1896–1963) was one of the most famous photographers in the world. His dynamic photographs of sports, entertainers, politics, and street life in Germany and Hungary from the late 1920s and 1930s, were taken in a new, freewheeling style that captured the speed and movement of the modern era. Many of those early photographs were published in German photo weeklies, where Munkacsi made his reputation doing reportage, often from exotic locales.

In 1933, Munkacsi turned his energetic style to fashion photography, making images of models running on the beach. Those pictures revolutionized fashion photography with their informality and vitality. Soon after he was offered a contract by Carmel Snow, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar, and he left for New York, where he made his fame and fortune.

1920s, 1930s, fashion & clothing, life, life & culture, people, photography, street

World of Warcraft Review of 2018 – Not Exactly a Vintage Year

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Running down the most interesting and important events of World of Warcraft in 2018. This was the year that started well on the back of the generally well received Legion expansion, and into the somewhat more chaotic Battle for Azeroth.

I Bought the CHEAPEST Big E 517xx Vintage Levis Denim Jacket in the World | 50s Selvedge Denim Grail

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From Yardsale to Museum hopefully! This vintage levis denim jacket is the best score of my life in terms of reselling. Beautiful condition, amazing construction and history. The big E lets us know that it is pre 1971 and the fact that it is a type 2 jacket and blanked lined brings it to the early 50s. I hope you enjoy this find as much as I did

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vintage music box, second look, 1971 plays its a small world

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this is a second look at this vintage hand cranked music box, when I played it I temperaraly took it off camera so you could hear it playing. note!. I do not own any of these songs. the song its a small world belongs to disny and these videos are strictly for entertainment perposes. find me by email at [email protected] or follow me on facebook at.

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Vintage Jimi Hendrix Experience World Tour 1990s Tie Dye T-Shirt

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Things The World Remembers From The 80s

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How as the start of 80s almost like 40 years ago? Time flies, but what remains are all the things in 80s pop culture 80s kids will certainly remember. Let’s rewind a few decades back.

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8. John Hughes’ Teen Movies
No one’s adolescence is complete without watching a few of John Hughes’ teen movies–or all of them. While he’s written and directed a bunch of movies, none are more of a staple in American youth than the ones that came out in the 80s such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Of, Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, and of course The Breakfast Club. Nothing encapsulated what being a middle class teen teen in America was like more than Hughes’ work in that time.

7. All That Spandex
Why was spandex so popular in the 80s? With the 80s came an aesthetic of bright colors and weird patterns and big hair and for some reason, spandex really fit in with that look. Perhaps it was the steady climb of fitness as a mainstream hobby for women and men alike. If you couldn’t make it to the gym, no worries! Your VHS probably had a fitness video sitting on top of it that would get rewound the next day. People could just pull on those leotards and spandex and work out as much as they wanted in the comfort of their own home. How can we even judge? Athleisure clothes are still fashionable to this day.

6. Creepy Cool Movies
What do you call movies like The Dark Crystal and the most iconic Labyrint? They’re creepy cool, not exactly bright and shiny enough to be considered a totally family friendly movie but also a tad too creepy for little kids to watch by themselves. The Dark Crystal came out in 1982, directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, showing how far special effects had come in film history. Before heavily used CGI, filmmakers had to rely more on practical effects to make extraordinary things happen on screen. Practical effects like that seen in movies such as Labyrinth took making fantasy movies to a different level.

5. The Time of He-Man
A list about 80s culture is not complete without mentioning He-Man. This character first appeared in a comic book series and then would turn the universe into the more popular animated series that aired on television. The idea was apparently born out of the fact that Mattel wanted a new toy line that could complete with the Star Wars toys being launched (especially since they initially declined the deal to make them prior to the success of the first Star Wars movies, yikes). So then the lead designer of the Mattel Preliminary design department would help make the idea of He-Man come to life.

4. TV Figures In The 80s
With the mid century came the invention of the TV. Since then, it became more and more common to find this device in living rooms, especially in the United States. The 80s was a huge time for TV and so TV figures grew to a new kind of popularity. You’d see people like Mr. T on shows like The A-Team. For older audiences, primetime soap opera Dallas was pretty huge. Then of course there was The Cosby Show which really solidified Bill Cosby’s career (hmm). The top shows of the decade included the Love Boat, The Jeffersons, M*A*S*H, and Murder She Wrote.

3. Girls Dressed Like This
If they weren’t wearing neon spandex, then another “in” look of the day would be the style you would often see on people like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The hair had to be big and messy. You wore finger gloves, tight pants, short skirts, corsets, lace, and fishnets. Today, we might refer to this look as the “material girl” look. If you were a material girl, you wore every accessory you could from big earrings, huge bracelets, rings, and hats all at the same time.

2. The 50 Theme
Anytime something is retro, it’s cool, but it has to be a certain amount of years that have passed in order for the trend to come back. In the mid 2000s, the 80s was super popular with it changing to later on. Now, the early 2000s fashion is slowly coming back again. It’s the way fashion works. For the 80s, the big retro aesthetic was the 50s. Did you ever notice how prominent 50s nostalgia was during this time? You saw it in movies like Grease and Back To The Future. People had 50s theme parties all the time. Why was this the case? Maybe because the conservativeness of the 50s and the happy bright aesthetic had some back to mainstream 80s culture.


Unredacted Real World Police: Orlando Woman Lights Boyfriend’s Clothes On Fire

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While YouTube’s development team continues to investigate what on earth happened with my first upload of this video, I finally received approval to upload a duplicate copy and see what happens. This is that copy. Fingers crossed that it works, because I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with you.

(For reference, this incident-length installment should be just about 1:03:05 in length. It should not be a minute-and-a-half long. Get some popcorn, do your laundry, whatever – get comfortable.)

Enjoy, folks! And I appreciate your patience and understanding while this was all being worked out.

The original description, which will eventually be the only description:

There was something specific I promised you when I started this channel: access to behind-the-scenes conversations that you don’t otherwise get to hear. Not because they don’t happen, but because they get redacted from the recordings that get released publicly.

What do you think a full hour of non-muted, never-shut-off, body cam footage sounds like? What get said when officers discuss cases among themselves, forgetting or ignoring their cameras?

This video provides one answer to that question, and the call itself is even interesting! Please note: I have personally muted a number of sections to protect the privacy interests of individuals and involved juveniles who are not in public areas; same deal with the blurring.

Good luck guessing how old that woman is 😛

Cheers, friends.


*FYI – I didn’t initially upload another copy because YouTube sees duplicate uploads as spam, and the bot that detects such things would have had no idea that there was something wrong on YouTube’s end that necessitated my re-upload. That’s the reason I wasn’t uploading another copy until support explicitly gave me the thumbs up to try it, and even then only after I explained my concern to them for the millionth time. Approval received. Here we go!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Dressed to the 9 3/4 Vintage Dress Up Day

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THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER DRESSED TO THE 9 3/4 VINTAGE DRESS UP DAY // Just a little vlog of my cosplayer excursion to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios for the Dressed to the 9 3/4 event. Vintage cosplay is my jam and in this video I transformed into a female Slytherin. Come along with a Gryffindor and a Slytherin as we make our way through the Wizarding World.


Slytherin Outfit:
⇢ Green Dress – Unique Vintage
⇢ Green Pillbox Hat – Unique Vintage

Gryffindor Outfit:
⇢ Burgundy Dress – Modcloth
⇢ Mustard Fascinator – Unique Vintage
⇢ Yellow Belt – Modcloth


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Epidemic Sound


Thanks for watching! ♥ – Jen

#nostalgette #dressedtothe934la #losangelesdumbledoresarmy

Vaditim – World Tour T-Shirts 21.12.2018

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The Pressure is on BIG TIME! Black Bass World Championship Final Day

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Major changes on this final day are complicating Team USA’s plan. Other teams are putting major pressure on us and we need to all catch them good to win the GOLD Medal here in Mexico. Team USA is fishing hard to bring it home.

This is the final video in the Series here are the rest of the videos..

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