How To Wash Vintage Clothes

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Top tips on how to keep your vintage looking fresh! And how to get rid of some common stains. Don’t forget to subscribe for more vintage va va voom! =D

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“How to wash” your *dry clean only clothes* at home

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I´ve been washing most of my clothing (except gowns and real leather/suede) at home for the last 8 years and they continue to look like new.
In this video I show you how I prepare my clothing (a cotton blend Coat, merino wool and sequins sweater, and a acrylic kimono/poncho) and how I put them to air-dry.

Always wash your dry-clean-only clothes with cold water and setting the washer machine to the gentle cycle. Use the products quantity suggested by each brand and air dry your garments in the shade.

These are the products I trust and use every time:

* Tide original: only for whites. More info about Tide here:

* Woolite “dark colors”: for light and dark colors. More info about Woolite for dark colors here:

* Downy. More info about Downy here:

* Washing bags: medium and large. Options at this stores:

* Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. More info and options here:

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Toy Washing Machine metal with rotating handle Wash – O – mat, vintage / retro 60s 70s lavadora #2

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Toy Washing Machine – kids washing machine, metal with rotating handle Wash – O – mat, vintage / retro 60s 70s lavadora movie. Washer Made in Western Germany.
Toy Washing Machine, Old – vintage / retro Toy washer years 60 / 70.
Old kids toy washing machine, the washing machine still works well after many years.

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Washing machine information:
Waschmaschine Informationen:
Wasmachine informatie:
Wash – O – mat
Old – vintage / retro
Made in Western – Germany

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Kids Washing Machine channel.

How to Wash and Whiten Yellowed Pillows

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If your pillows have yellowed since you bought them, it’s probably time to give them a good washing! It is actually recommended that you wash your pillows at least twice a year. This process will restore your pillows to their former glory, plus it’s good for your personal hygiene!

How to wash a vintage silk wedding gown. How to remove or cover bridal gown stains.

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Part 1 goes over how to do a lanoline dip to clean a vintage silk wedding gown.
Part 2 shows you how to remove or cover vintage lace cording stains.
You and the bride are responsible for pre-testing the garments, etc. I am not responsible for how the project turns out. It has always worked beautifully for me.

Products used:
Dreft laundry spray
Eucalan lanoline silk wash
Ivory Chalk Paint
Wiss nippers
Reliable brand steam iron

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How to wash Antique Linens

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Ms. Malena shows you how to wash antique lace and linens. You can use this process to clean the dirt and stains from most of your antique delicate fabrics.

Products I use to fight and treat tough stains:
Oxy Clean
Clorox Bleach
Whinks Rust Remover
Carbona Stain Devil
Dryer Sheets
Resolve Stain Fighter

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hi there it’s miss malena. so I got this
amazing antique lace at a flea market
this weekend, but you can literally feel
the dirt just kind of almost woven into
the fabric. I’m sure this has happened to a lot of you,
so I’m going to show you some basic
cleaning methods on how to get rid of
this dust and to kind of liven it up
again. this lace is over a hundred years
old, so there are some issues but I
consider them pretty small especially if
I’m going to rework it into a skirt or
something. so the first step that I do
with all of my antique clothing is let’s
just rinse out the dirt before we can
begin, okay? make sure you get a good pair
of gloves. it’s really important to
protect your skin. Okay
now that the water is full we’re just
gonna kind of move the fabric around and
be sure to be really gentle especially
with these older netted laces because
you don’t want to be the reason why
they’re tearing you don’t want to wring
stuff out like we’re used to seeing
people do. sometimes when you’re washing
antique and vintage clothing, you’ll
actually get some odor that comes out of
the clothes as you’re washing them. it’s
pretty satisfying. so now that we’ve
rinsed it out we’re gonna let all this
water drain. this lace is pretty dirty
so I’m going to give it another rinse. you can
see on the second rinse the water is a
much lighter color. there is less dirt coming
out as well. now we’re finishing up the
second rinse and you can see the fabric
it’s already starting to lighten a
little bit the stains are gonna come out,
we’re gonna let the water out and
transfer the fabric to our other bowl.
the next step is to add the OxiClean but
don’t do it right to the cold water that
you had. no matter what it is that I’m
washing I use a full scoop. it’s actually
much gentler than
think it is. So I’m gonna put this into
my sink and then you want to
switch to really hot water. again this is
just the OxiClean and water,
you’re not gonna add the clothing this
yet. by doing this the hot water is
gonna help the oxicleen dissolve. If you put
OxiClean right into cold water it’s
gonna harden up and become like a rock.
so now that our OxiClean has dissolved
in the hot water you’re gonna see a
little bit of suds on top, the water is
gonna look a little murky, wait for the
water to cool it should only take about
five minutes and then you’re gonna add
your delicate fabrics, okay? Now that the
water is cool we can add our delicate
fabric. You just put it in, and again,
be really gentle with how you’re
handling it. you don’t want to wring it
or push it around too much.. and just lay
it in there. now that it’s all mixed in
with the OxiClean and the cold water,
just walk away and let it sit for awhile.
I’d say probably about an hour you
should be good, sometimes you’ll have to
rinse it out and repeat, but let’s just
start there and see how much it comes up,
okay? So we have to repeat that process a
couple of times using the hot water to
dissolve a cup of OxiClean, swishing our
fabric around in the water, you can watch
the color get really dark, wait about an
hour, rinse it out, repeat. Now if you
look, we’ve rinsed everything out and the
water is pretty clear and the fabric is
so much lighter. you want to make sure that
you rinse out all of the OxiClean
because if you don’t and your item dries,
you’re gonna get these like yellow
stringy marks and some hardened areas.
this is pretty clean so we’re gonna let
all the water out. I like to hang my
pieces outside to dry. But this piece of lace is a
little fragile, so instead of
hanging it so it’s really heavy, you
don’t want to pull and stretch in a
weird way. lay out some towels and then
you can relay the fabric out on top of
it and it will slowly dry. some people like
to roll it up also to get out from the
extra moisture, but with this fine netted
lace it really isn’t necessary.
thanks so much for watching this video
on how to clean some antique lace.
comment below and let me know what else
you want to learn about when it comes to
taking care of vintage and antique
clothing and be sure to follow me on
social media and Etsy for great vintage
finds. thanks again!