1964 Fender Vibroverb [ All Original European import ] Vintage Tones.

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Hi guys sitting down to this Rig is inspirational everytime i plug in!! They say Gear brings out a style well this style is right in my Niche, ive never been happier and i intend on leaving this Amp the Way Leo Fender Designed it. Truly Content.
Im using the Vibroverb to power the Vintage Leslie 16 and ive Mic’ed up both sides [not the front ] and took both feeds straight into the Zoom Q8 and utilised the Stereo function to give you that TRUE underwater panning Swirl effect. Im Also using the Jesse Davey Blues power [ seriously good bit of gear as well ] to push the amp a little bit further into the sweet spot..
All being Driven by my 62 Slab board Running Mark Foleys BIG IRON LOW WIND pickups.
Im planning on hitting Youtube hard this Coming year, whilst i now have the Audio Decent im gonna work on the Visuals as well..
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A lot more Tone talking coming soon!!

P.S hit the headphones up for this one!!!