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Happy 10th anniversary FusionFall! Come and play in this new event!

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15 RETRO VEHICLES THAT DEFINE CRAZY | Vehicle: Expectations vs. Reality

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Most vehicles created started with high hopes and some never quite met expectations. Instead, reality hit, and years later they end up in a vehicle video calling them crazy.
Here is our list of 15 retro vehicles that define crazy.

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Featured Retro Vehicles⭐
#15 1937 Airomobile Orange 3/4
#14 Fichier:Peugeot 806 Runabout
#13 The Edgley EA-7 Optica
#12 1982 Italdesign Capsula
#11 Ferves Ranger, 1965
#10 DAF Raincoat 1941
#9 Giugiaro Biga, 1992
#8 Propeller Driven Car
#7 Gurgel Motomachine, 1991
#6 “Ventomobile” wind-powered car
#5 951 Hoffman
#4 BMW Columbus (ItalDesign), 1992
#3 1985 Thyssen-Colani Sea Ranger
#2 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado AQC 707 Limousine
#1 Beatnik Bubbletop 1955 Ford
Photo Credit: Patrick Ernzen

Licensed Music 🎧
Broken Radios by Binary Love

Back Online by X. DeVic 🎧
Produced by Xplicit De’Vic

Voice over by Glenn Nobel 🎤

15 RETRO VEHICLES THAT DEFINE CRAZY | Vehicle: Expectations vs. Reality
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