Top Rank Vintage Fashion Film (Directed by Jay Vega)

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Directed & Edited by Jay Vega
Produced by SFMG in Association with Top Rank Vintage
Executive Produced by Mohamed Numan

Cinematography by:
Jay Vega
Mpiyakhe Mbele
Musical Score by:
Young Haz On Da Beat
Getta Beats
$ik of MANZ & Trill Beat$

Story Created & Written by:
Jay Vega
Mohamed Numan
Mohamed Numan
Top Rank Vintage
“Command Your Style”

Mobile: 703 296 1368
1.CiCi Carmen –
(1960’s Swedish officers dress)

2.Alexander Zebrowski –
(1960’s Swedish officers navy overcoat)

3.Guy Lambert –
(1980’s East German air force tunic)

4.Carlos Gutierrez –
(90’s italian camo field uniform)

5.Aaron Poindexter-
(90’s british SAS desert camo uniform)

6.Sara Bell –
Sniper – 1980’s Type 2 french army field jacket

7.Mounir Nsouli –
(undercover cop – 1960’s italian police leather coat)

8.Bigtom Ukah
(undercover cop – 1990’s austrian m65 combat jacket)

9.Jana Sedlakova –
(1980’s type m85 womens Czechoslovakian parka)

10.Luis Valdez jr. –
(1980’s type m95 czechoslovakian parka)
(1970’s Italian carbinieri military police overcoat)

11.Adam Ayash –
(my guard/escort – 1990’s austrian m65 combat jacket )

12.Brett Kirchner –
(Elenas guard – 1990’s austrian m65 combat jacket)

13.Elena Skinner
( aka elena petrova in the commercial – 1980’s east german women officers winter ushanka hat and overcoat)

14.Mohamed Numan –
(Amir Khalifah – ex iraqi mukhabarat (intelligence) – 1950’s revamped greek army overcoat)
Special thanks to:
Make up and Hair by Kecia Dickerson
Omid Shaffat of Prestige Motors Annapolis
Jason Sayada (assistant videographer for interviews)
Tyrone Virgil – Photograher
Mounir Nsouli – for the police car
Sheila Kash