Vecona Vintage Fashion Show — Dresden 2012

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Vecona Vintage Fashion Show at “fashion + style” in Dresden 2012.

The following pieces were shown:
College suit HERRINGBONE HENRY + Marlene pants FESCHE LOLA
Worker jeans TEXAS TOMMY
White sailor ensemble LEINEN LOS!
Sailor suit SHIM SHAM SAILOR, Sailorette ensemble SUZIE-Q with pants and skirt

Many thanks to our gorgeous models and Gerd Speerhacke and Messe Dresden for making this possible.

Vecona Vintage Fashion Routine with Evita Arce, Michael Jagger and Evi & das Tier “Tenderly Blue”

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Vecona Vintage Fashion Routine 2015 – „Tenderly Blue“ – choreographed and performed by Evita Arce and Michael Jagger. Song written by Evi Niessner and Rainer Leupold, performed by Evi & das Tier with their band „The Glanz“. Filmed and edited by Frank Widmann with support from Ivgenia Knobloch, Denis Liebeman and Christoph Schuhmacher. Make-Up and Hair by Theresia Pistel and Melli Horn. Many thanks to them and all the helpers. Without you we couldn’t make such a wonderful movie. • • • • • •

Vecona Vintage Clothing

Evita: Dress EVITA

Michael: Tweed Ensemble CINCINNATI KID in blue

Evi: Fishtail Skirt SEASIDE SALLY in black and Cape ALLURE

Band: Gabardine Ensemble SWINGING SAVOY in black and Oxford Shirt COTTON CLUB