$1,200 Vase Found at Thrift Store by Dr. Lori

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Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori show you how to find a valuable Asian Moriage ware vase that was bought at a thrift store for only $31. See how to determine if it’s machine or handmade and what could make this vase worth tens of thousands of dollars. Learn more about Moriage ware at

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Watch Dr. Lori on History’s The Curse of Oak Island.

Antique French Victorian white parian porcelain hand vase

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– Newel.com: Antique French Victorian white parian porcelain hand vase holding beaded flower (French, Victorian, accessories, urn/vase, porcelain) (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)

Making a Pink Vase from a Wine Bottle | Upcycling | Vintage Farmhouse-Inspired Decor

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Turning a wine bottle into a flower vase is really simple! I used fishnet stockings (from a Halloween sale) and light pink spray paint to give it a vintage/farmhouse touch.

Antique Early 20th Century Nippon Japanese Moriage Trophy Vase Covered Urn

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Antique Market is a multi-dealer antique mall located on Long Island in Huntington, New York. I have two booths there and the place is loaded with historical and very unusual, beautiful antiques.

Antique Market
700 East Jericho Turnpike
Huntington Station, NY 11746

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Check out the antiques where I have two booths in Huntington, New York. Antique Market In Huntington Long Island Has:

Antique Coins
Antique Guns
Antique Military
Antique Glass
Antique Swords
Antique Porcelain
Antique Clocks
Antique Watches
Antique Furniture
Antique Radios
Antique Toys
Antique Banks
Signed Baseballs
Antique Stamps
Antique Jewelry
Antique Pocket Watches
Antique Oil Cans
Antique Tobacco Memorabilia
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Antique Beer and Brewery Memorabilia
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Antique Taxidermy
Antique SilverWare
Antique Crystal
Antique Sculptures

and more….