Indian Police Caught Me! Motorcycle on Mumbai-Pune Expressway! (Day 5: Vadodara to Pune)

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See what happens when a foreigner gets pulled over in India by Indian Police for riding illegally on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway! While travelling from Vadodara, Gujarat to Pune, Maharashtra Gaurav and I took the Mumbai-Pune Expressway which is only for cars! We eventually got caught by the Police at a toll gate as we tried to get past it.

Gaurav ended up having to pay a “fine.” Others haven’t been so lucky. Usually a bribe of between 300 – 1300 Rs. is required by the Indian Police. I did not have to pay a fine or bribe as I’m a guest in the country. The Police in India were very good with me and helped me get off the Expressway and take the old NH4 route to Pune via Khalapur.

During the confrontation with Police, I pretended not to be able to speak Hindi as when it comes to issues with the law I feel it’s safer to rely on English rather than a language I’m not fluent in. The Police officers were not fluent in English, so it became very difficult to communicate and probably very hard for them to do their job.

We were on our ride from Delhi to Goa and going from Vadodara to Pune which is around 550km and a 12-hour ride. It was a very long day on our Royal Enfield Himalayans.


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Dress code for New Year celebration in Vadodara

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Vadodara police have issued an advisory for the women for the New year party. Women won’t be allowed to wear short clothes in Vadodara for the celebration

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