Ford Sierra with 1UZ-FE V8 Engine Swap – Amazing Sound || Retro Rides Gathering 2018

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Among the many Unique Monsters present at Retro Rides Gathering 2018 was Martin Stolton´s ´93 Ford Sierra Sapphire that sounded unlike any other Sierra we have ever heard before. That´s because it was powered by a 1UZ-FE V8 Engine in Naturally Aspirated form.

Producing a very sonorous 261Hp/6.500Rpm and moving only 1000Kg thanks to its stripped out interior among many other bodywork enhancements, including the bespoke Aero bits, it is a Monster very much in the beginning of it´s highly modified life, featuring a 6 Point Roll Cage, Twin side exit exhausts and curiously a BMW 318 Gearbox to transmit the power to the wheels. Much more is expected to come and we´ll certainly want to keep an eye on its evolution…