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► Historical & Vintage Photos | Cool Random Pictures From The Past v2 is our next video in the series, bringing you a collection of random historical and vintage photos that will fascinate you and transport you back in time. Some of them are rare historical photos that you have probably never seen before, black and white or in color. Watching history, events, people etc. through old historical photos is incredible experience. There’s a reason old photos fascinate us — they let us see and understand that the life we’re used to now was once completely different and almost unimaginable for us today. Photos from decades ago connect us to the past and give us a chance to see things that we most certainly won’t be able to during our lifetime. So, enjoy this fascinating journey into the past and leave your comments below, letting us know how you feel about it. For any errors, omissions or anything else that you think needs to be added to description, please make it known by leaving a comment below.

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In this video, pictures from the past:

2 Girls pose for a risque picture used on postcards in France in 1902;
A dog holds onto a little boy as he tries to retrieve a ball in a river with his golf club, 1920s;
A female firefighter in London, England in 1926;
A Filipino baby and her family inside a human zoo in NYC, US in 1906;
A man has his hair tied to a pole with his head in a sealed wooden device as punishment for a crime in Shanghai, China in 1872;
A man oversees this group of female Burlak barge haulers pulling a boat down the Volga River in Ukraine in 1900;
A policeman stops traffic so a cat can carry her kittens across in New York City, US in 1925;
A restaurant in California, US in 1920;
A window washer at work on the Empire State Building poses during a brief break from his duties. March 24, 1936;
A WWI veteran is begging on the streets of Berlin, Germany in 1925;
Aboriginal people in ceremonial dress pose for a photograph of ‘a Corroboree’ in Australia in the 1890s;
An Australian battalion on one of the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt in 1915;
Ballerina Anna Pavlova with her partner Novikoff outside Moscow, Russia in 1923;
Circus performer Elsa Satiro posing for a promo shot in the US in 1920;
Flapper girls playing ukuleles in the snow somewhere in the US in 1926;
German movie called ‘Blitzmädels an die Front’, from 1958 often confused with League of German Girls during WW2;
Men and women march in a womens suffrage parade in London, England in 1900;
Prince Albert poses for a portrait on the pitch as he attends the Civil Service Annual Athletic Sports event at the Chelsea stadium in England in 1920;
Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia in 1908;
The as-yet unassembled face of the Statue of Liberty sits unpacked in New York soon after its delivery from France on June 17, 1885;
The Goodwin Brothers in blackface advertising their song and dance routine in the US in 1899;
The running of the bulls in Spain in 1959;
Traders carrying a whole lot of goods somewhere in China in 1903;
Wilbur Wright, of Wright brothers fame, flies a Wright Type A plane by the Statue of Liberty as part of a demonstration, 1909;
Women wearing high class fashion of the time in London, England in 1911.
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