Stunning Retro Style With Impressive Modern Class? 2018 Heartland Terry V21

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You deserve to travel and dry camp in stunning retro style with modern class! Harkening back to the grand era of Route 66, This fantastic bumper pull travel trailer by heartland is truly the way to go! The retro look is sure to turn heads wherever you go and the fully modern amenities will ensure you do it in complete and total modern style! You can stop and and do some serious boondocking where ever you want thanks to being fully self contained with holding tanks for fresh/waste water, two way power appliances, and a 12 volt power supply!
You can now dry camp off grid in complete comfort and style! Just imagine relaxing by a roaring campfire telling scarey stories while eating delicious gourmet meals prepared in your modern and well appointed kitchen! Just imagine how fun it will be for you to boondock way out in the back country where there are few modern distractions and fewer people! You will sleep in cool comfort on the hottest of nights thanks to the super cold A/C and OH SO Cozy master bed! No more late night hikes down to the public facilities or out into the dark woods as this Retro style travel trailer features a full bath with a roomy shower! No detail has been overlooked! LED lighting and digital technology combined with a stunning retro look provides you with the truly unique RV experience you are looking for!
Grand memories are waiting for you just down the road! Now is the ideal time for excitement, thrilling fun, travel and adventure! You really Dont want to wait! Tomorrow never comes and you can never turn back time! Your new life of adventure and fun is just waiting for you right here in this exciting self contained retro style bumper pull RV!
Adventure and fun have called you out to play! Call On The RV Guys today!