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New York’s fashion shows always draw a crowd.

But while mainstream American designers unveiled their classy uptown autumn collections this week, an emerging group of young designers brought the downtown vibes off the streets and on to the catwalks.

APTV unwraps the story from New York City.

Soho… it’s the Mecca for New York’s “in” crowd.

Stylish looking people stroll through a cluster of art galleries, cafes and shops in clothes reflecting the spirit of Generation X.

Their styles are cool, individual and often unique.

Belly-revealing shirts, plaid pants and jumbo orange-coloured sneakers are making their way from the streets to the fashion runways… inspiring a new band of designers who are bottling the street spirit and pouring it on to the catwalks.

At this “Girls Rule” fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week, teenagers strutted down the catwalk in bootleg pants and with plenty of attitude.

Some wore traditional pinstripes recreated as miniskirts.

Teenage teasers turned naughty – peeling off their plaid skirts to reveal night wear.

T-shirts are still in vogue for the younger set, but are now tied in the back for a dash of originality.

Halter tops, antique jeans and slip dresses are making it back into the 90s.

The street styles mix sophisticated designs and vintage clothing with a touch of nostalgia for 70s fashions.

And this style looks to be growing in popularity.

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“The plaid, the muted colours, the faux fur, again this is probably you know inspired from teenagers going into vintage clothing stores, picking them up for 10 or 15 dollars, mixing and matching them in great creative ways…some fresh young designer seeing that and saying WOW – you know that’s like the next fall winter coat and of course the major designers see it and they do in my opinion do a sort of mock-up of it and sell if for five times the price.”
SUPER CAPTION: Cynthia Bell, Executive Editor TEEN Magazine

Backstage at the Girls Rule fashion show looks more like an East Village hangout than a models’ prep-room.

But what these designers lack in financial backing they compensate for in outrageous originality.

Rebellious young models, eager to stamp their personal identity on their image enjoy wearing outfits daring enough to make their parents scream.

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“Teenage, you know, rebelliousness, you know, like a rebel phase, you don’t want to look like your parents want you to look. I can’t see my Mom, you know, picking this out for me.
SUPER CAPTION: Kelly Stuart, Model

Back on the catwalk young models wearing bright orange winter-wear flashed an ensemble of camouflage fatigues and punky hairdos.

Designers also hope sweater textures will go over well in the youth market.

And while street chic is all about risk, let’s face it – some fashions should remain covered up.

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