Unredacted Real World Police: Orlando Woman Lights Boyfriend’s Clothes On Fire

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While YouTube’s development team continues to investigate what on earth happened with my first upload of this video, I finally received approval to upload a duplicate copy and see what happens. This is that copy. Fingers crossed that it works, because I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with you.

(For reference, this incident-length installment should be just about 1:03:05 in length. It should not be a minute-and-a-half long. Get some popcorn, do your laundry, whatever – get comfortable.)

Enjoy, folks! And I appreciate your patience and understanding while this was all being worked out.

The original description, which will eventually be the only description:

There was something specific I promised you when I started this channel: access to behind-the-scenes conversations that you don’t otherwise get to hear. Not because they don’t happen, but because they get redacted from the recordings that get released publicly.

What do you think a full hour of non-muted, never-shut-off, body cam footage sounds like? What get said when officers discuss cases among themselves, forgetting or ignoring their cameras?

This video provides one answer to that question, and the call itself is even interesting! Please note: I have personally muted a number of sections to protect the privacy interests of individuals and involved juveniles who are not in public areas; same deal with the blurring.

Good luck guessing how old that woman is 😛

Cheers, friends.


*FYI – I didn’t initially upload another copy because YouTube sees duplicate uploads as spam, and the bot that detects such things would have had no idea that there was something wrong on YouTube’s end that necessitated my re-upload. That’s the reason I wasn’t uploading another copy until support explicitly gave me the thumbs up to try it, and even then only after I explained my concern to them for the millionth time. Approval received. Here we go!