Air Jordan 1 Union LA

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The Air jordan Union 1 La is the newest Jordan1 Sneaker From Jordan Brand! This air Jordan 1 is a collab with union LA and Jordan brand! We all know that the jordan 1 is one of the most popular sneakers to sneaker collectors and the jordan community! By them collabing with union is amazing. Please tell me what you guys think of the union Air jordan 1 down below in the comment section

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State of the Union 2019 // What is Theo & Harris?

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Who are Christian and Anna? Why should you trust Theo & Harris? What are our 2019 objectives? How can YOU get involved? We reflect on who we are, how we got here, our successes and failures, and what you can expect from 2019 in one of the last videos of 2018.

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In today’s special episode, we do a T&H State of the Union for 2019. Four years ago, Christian started Theo & Harris to offer vintage alternatives to brands like Daniel Wellington and MVMT – pieces that were accessible to the impressionable youth who were more interested in the fashion function of a watch than its timekeeping merit. It became clear very quickly, though, how difficult it is to find reliable vintage watches in that price point (between $100-$300) that won’t cost more to service than they’re actually worth. As such, it only made sense to move into a price range where more consistency and reliability could be found, and that leads us to where the Watch Shop is today.

The other half of Theo & Harris is the content, headed up by our wonderful editor Anna. The content was designed to offer a supplement to the Watch Shop, to create content that offered real value to geeks at every stage of their collecting career. Going into 2019, we have 3 objectives for the new content that we’re going to bring you guys every week, and they’re as follows:

1) Refocusing on the context and refining the way in which we educate people about watches.

2) Create a Context – since November, we’ve developed a focus on taking on partners and companies that will advertise through T&H. The goal is to bring you some of the best value in all areas of lifestyle, from watches to wines to style/fashion, and to do so through brands that we both believe in and trust.

3) Audience Input – We have always tried to make content that you guys have enjoyed, and that hasn’t always worked out. Sometimes, there are videos and articles that we make and that we love dearly that just don’t connect with you guys, so there’s no reason to keep on with them. Going forward, we need your honest, constructive criticism to help make the content at Theo & Harris the best it can be.

Air Jordan 1 Retro “Union” | Unboxing, Close Up Look & On Feet Review

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Air Jordan 1 Retro “Union” | Unboxing, Close Up Look & On Feet Review

True to size!

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HANDS-ON: Air JORDAN 1 “UNION” NRG Review and On-Feet

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Is this the sneaker of the year?

When Jordan Brand and Chris Gibbs of Union Los Angeles got together, there is no way they could have known they might create the sneaker of the year. Teased early in 2018, the Air Jordan 1 “Union” was a slow build that culminated in a huge ball of hype when they dropped last week. Mixing style from 2018 with a touch of vintage flair, the collaboration of the two brands brought a brand new life to the retro silhouette in a way that no one expected Staying true to the sneakers roots within sport and blending it with the lifestyle approach in which the sneaker is worn, this NRG (energy) release from Jordan Brand and Union Los Angeles is next level.


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Union x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG BV1300-106

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For sell 💥Union x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG BV1300-106
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Nike Air Jordan 1 x Union LA | The Best Air Jordan 1 of 2018

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Review of the Nike Air Jordan 1 x Union LA in both Black Toe and Storm Blue coloways. This is the best Nike Jordan 1 colorway to release in 2018!!

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Union x Air Jordan 1 Retro High NRG “Storm Blue”: Review & On-Feet

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What a way to close out the year! Union LA and Jordan Brand teamed up in November to release a collection inspired by vintage wear and style. Headlining the release was the “Storm Blue” Air Jordan 1 which was only available for purchase through Union. Luck would have it and I landed a pair, which allowed me to bring today’s review to you all. Check out all the details and why this shoe has many calling it their favourite drop of 2018!


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