Side Shave Hairstyle | A Retro Look for Your Undercut

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This side shave hairstyle is super easy and a great retro look for your undercut. This undercut hairstyle is so easy to do, which is awesome, and is why it’s such a perfect side shave style. I don’t want to spend too much time styling my hair so a hairstyle that shows off my side shave but is also easy and fast to do is key. I did my side shave this morning so it’s super fresh (shaved to a zero) which makes my hairstyle look so dynamic that I can get away with doing a fast easy style on it.

This style is great for beginners!

You’ll learn how to style this side shave hairstyle in only a few fast minutes and a few tools. I’ll teach you how to easily curl your bangs so they roll over softly on your face in a classic retro style, and how to pin a section of your hair half up to show of your side shave. If you were to add some curls to this hairstyle you could make it extra retro looking and wear it to a wedding. I’ve been wearing this lately to work and while out with friends.

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I really appreciate you stopping by to watch my video to learn how to style an easy retro hairstyle for your side shave. Check around my channel to see other videos on how to style an undercut.

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