(S0LD- THANK U!)-GOTHIC Vintage Folio Traveler’s Journal Midori style FLIP THROUGH Tim Holtz

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Lets FLIP THROUGH THIS beautiful GOTHIC Vintage Folio Traveler’s Journal Midori style

❤This lovely Midori style GOTHIC Vintage Folio Traveler’s Journal is 8” by 6” and folds out to 20”. With a 1 inch spine. This beautiful journal was made with care and love.


❤It is filled with post cards and cute tags. Lots of room to grow and add your own personal touches.
❤There is one single sewn in signature, with lots of writing space for journaling or to do list. There are pockets flips and folds throughout this beautiful journal. Perfect for travel or stay at home time.
❤This beautiful Midori style GOTHIC Vintage Folio Junk Journal would make a lovely gift for anyone on any occasion.
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