Timex Marlin Automatic Vs. Orient Bambino (TW2T22700ZV Vs. AC00008W0)

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Timex Marlin Automatic:

Orient Bambino:

Timex Waterbury:
SNK VS Komandirskie:
Orient Defender:
Orient Star Retro:
Orient Mako II:
Orient Mako X: Coming soon
Cadisen White Waffle:
Cadisen Imperial:

Straps On Marlin:
Burgandy Silver Nato:
Blue Canvas:
Green perlon:
Silver Nato:

Straps for Bambino:
Strap 2:
Dassari Regal II:

Today we are comparing 2 dress watches with a vintage aesthetic. The new Timex Marlin Mechanical and the Orient Bambino Gen 2 Version 2. Both are very similar in style and dimensions. With the Marlin being a 40mm watch, and the Bambino 40.5. If you were in the market for a new dress watch, these would be 2 you should look at.

Model numbers TW2T22700ZV and AC00008W0 (FAC00008W0)