Photoshop Tutorial | How to achieve Vintage Retro Photo Effects

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In this photoshop tutorial, i used adjustment layers like gradient and solid color and blending mode with opacity to get vintage retro effects

Download Photo Effects PSD

Paper Texture Example

Photoshop Gradient Example

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Transform a Photo into an Antique, Oil Painting

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Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to quickly & easily transform a photo into the look of an antique, oil painting.

Craquelure texture:

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Mocha Vintage Fashion – Photoshop Tutorial

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Learn tutorial photoshop vintage effect color, vintage is a classic tone but in this tutorial photoshop we will make a different vintage effect, to apply the editing of photography or photography models. To be applied in model editing photography. The colors are classic yet modern look natural and a way to explore the adjustment layers and blending modes. I hope this tutorial photoshop can be useful for you.

Stock Photo : Reza .H

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Happy Watching and Enjoy Learn Tutorial Photoshop.

Retro Hairstyle Tutorial – “The Bun”

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Hello everyone,

i really hope you guys like this tutorial, i had so much fun doing this and its very easy to do yourself. You can definitely tweak a little bit here and there specially if you dont like the bangs and don’t want to make it retro…keep everything on one side of your head and it would look good too!



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free item,

it has 4 different barrels for you to choose from.
im surprise this thing actually works pretty good 🙂

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How to GIBSON girl Hair EDWARDIAN/ VICTORIAN vintage RETRO Hairstyle tutorial – Vintagious

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inspired by :

This was a requested style that I thougth would be really tricky, but, actually it really isn’t. You have to get to gripos with rolling your hair but, once you’ve got that then your flying!
This is a super-cute romantic look that looks awesome with off-the shoulder dresses. It would work really well with a Grecian style outfit too I think.
Let me know if you try it! I love to hear from you all. ALSO I have just set up a twitter and facebook account so, if you are into all of that then add me.

Dare I say, at a push this could be a bridal style, imagine with delicate little flowers placed around the central bun – beautiful!

Music by Kevin Macleod

How to Make a Retro Vacation Postcard in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 15 14 13 12 11 Tutorial

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Photoshop Elements Retro Postcard Text Effect
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How to create one of those old time State Park Postcards in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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In this video I demonstrate how to use the Text Tool, how to Select Font Styles, use Type Warp, Layers, Paste Into, and more.

This comprehensive video takes you step-by-step through the complete process from beginning images clear through to the final composite image. After the project video I answer some common questions about the techniques I used in this video. This training demo was recorded in Photoshop Elements 13 but the techniques used will work just as well in Photoshop Elements 11 through the latest Photoshop Elements.


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Vintage Style Pin Up Hair Scarf Tutorial – 3 Ways to Wear It!

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Unique Vintage’s very own Ana shows you three adorably retro ways to wear a chiffon hair scarf. Love the scarves shown in the video? Get them all and more here:

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Photoshop Tutorial: Lomograph. How to Make a PHOTO look Vintage & Retro

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Photoshop tutorial showing how to transform an image into looking like a vintage, retro, analog-type lomograph.


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Vintage Editing / Tumblr Style Tutorial (Adobe Lightroom)

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Simplistic – Today I bring you a Vintage / Tumblr / Brandon Woelfel style type editing tutorial. Hope you guys enjoyed and would want to see more, thank you for all the support!

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Indian & Pakistani Asian Bridal Wedding Makeup Tutorial vintage style by Makeup by Kulz

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Trained by Makeup by Mus

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Headbands for babies and toddlers from old clothes Tutorial: 4 cute styles

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About this Video:
A few days back, I had posted a video on DIY headbands for girls from old T shirts and a lot of you requested me to do a video tutorial on headbands for babies.

So in this video I show you 4 styles of how to make headbands for baby girls.

These 4 styles of diy baby headbands are:

1. Ruffle Flower Headband

2. Fabric bow headband

3. Ribbon Bow headband

4. Knot headband

The best part about these cute baby headbands is that they’re so easy to make; there’s nothing to stop you from making one in every color imaginable!

Link for video on DIY headbands for girls from old T-shirts:

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Macrame Hammock Tutorial | Vintage Style | Make Your Own Hammock

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This is a visual pattern for instructions published from a vintage hammock pattern. Thank you for checking it out and following along!

Also check out my tutorial for an Extra Long Outdoor Couch

Cotton Rope from this tutorial purchased from the Knot and Rope Supply Company

How to Crochet Tutorial: Vintage Style Baby Bonnet by YARNutopia

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How to Crochet Tutorial: Vintage Style Baby Bonnet by YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad. In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to crochet a baby bonnet using puff stitches, double crochet stitches, and half double crochet stitches. This is a vintage design with lacy features. Enjoy!

Written Pattern:

Materials you will need:
Get the supplies individually by clicking the links below
-Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie Cotton yarn in Aqua and Loofah:
-H-5.00mm Crochet Hook:
-Yarn Needle:

Teacher: Nadia Fuad
Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat

Wooden Crochet Hook Handles and Buttons:

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Twitter: @YARNutopia

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Vintage Dress Cupcakes (Leopard Print) | A Cupcake Tutorial

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Part 2 of the Vintage Cupcake tutorial, in this video I show you how to make a leopard vintage dress! to see how to make small shoes to go along with the dress, and how to make a pink vintage dress, check out this video:

If you try or have tried any of the things I have showed you how to make, post them on instagram with the hashtag: #paolajem92 …I would really love to see your creations!

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Retro Rockabilly Bandana hair tutorial by Susie Brown

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Hi everybody, I wanted to thank all of you for checking out our blog every week.  I’ve had some requests for hair tips, so I thought I would show you a fun retro look.  I LOVE trying out new hairstyles, here’s a couple quick and easy styles you can do with a bandana!  We’d love to hear about some of your favorite things too!
Kisses! xoxo

Celtic Bracelet Tutorial in Vintage Style | Macrame School

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Celtic Bracelet Tutorial in Vintage Style by Macrame School (with beautiful Bach Prelude). All tutorials in Vintage style you can see here: Please watch more macramé bracelets and jewelry tutorials for free in playlist: Here you have a lot of choice of macrame bracelet tutorials. All videos are HD quality.

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