DIY URBAN OUTFITTERS CLOTHING HACKS! Turning old clothes into new! | DIY | Nava Rose

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Hey babes! I had to re-upload my video from last night because the quality was crap!!
ANYWAYS! I LOOOVE Urban Outfitters but what I don’t love are their prices (sometimes and unless they have a bomb sale). I’ll be sharing with you 4 DIY clothing hacks that you can do to the old clothes sitting in your closet! These tutorials are inspired by items from Urban Outfitters’ ‘Top Rated’ section so hopefully you all love these as much as I do!
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DIY URBAN OUTFITTERS CLOTHING HACKS! Turning old clothes into new! | DIY | Nava Rose

Nava Rose

15 Great Ideas For Turning Your Old Furniture Into Beautiful DYI ( Creative Ideas )

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Dear Visitors. Below you can find full link from this video, where you can download all photos and How To do it.

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Old furniture is not just stuff that has outlived its use. Much of it is old precisely because it has served its purpose for a long time. In many cases, it can still do so for a whole lot longer — you just have to breath a bit more life into it. In fact, with a little bit of work, you can convert any old object into a designer piece which is virtually unrecognisable compared to what you had before. We picked 15 of the best ideas for converting old furniture for you to check out, and hopefully help you reimagine your home.

An old bedside table becomes a stylish black and white one

A shabby chair can be turned into an exquisite piece of bright furniture

A desk with draws becomes an attractive modern workspace

What was a bulky divan is now comfy indoor seating

An old-fashioned table on wheels is transformed into some stylish storage space

An ugly chest of drawers repainted in light, romantic colours

Another seriously cute idea for converting a bedside table

Remove the old mirror, and you have a gorgeous work desk and drawers

You can use the carved frames from an old bed to make a cute miniature sofa

You can also add a table top and some doors to improve an old book shelf

A coffee table can be turned into a piece of designer furniture and decorated with any number of designs

Another old chair given a stylish makeover

And another outdated table easily becomes brighter and more functional

Even a huge table like this one can be made to look beautiful

Any old-fashioned cabinet can become stylish once again

$4 Vintage Thrift Haul – Lots of items for refashioning and turning into vintage style

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$4 Vintage Thrift Haul – Lots of items for refashioning and turning into vintage style

I know you love to see what I get at the thrift store! So here is my latest thrift haul, not so many vintage items, but there are lots of items ready to refashion into vintage style outfits!


Hi! I’m Evelyn Wood, and I am a vintage fashion designer, dressmaker and sewing instructor.

I have been making clothes all my life!

My love is vintage fashion!

I help ‘dressmakers in the making’ ( ie new sewers) to learn how to sew and make their own clothes!

So if you’re into sewing and vintage/retro style, this might just be THE place for you!


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You will learn all about your machine what everything is and how to use it, how to sew fabric and even make your first project, a 1920’s inspired bag!

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ASMR Browsing Vintage fashion pages – Soft Spoken, Tapping, Page Turning

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Enjoy some gentle tapping and page turning as I browse the vintage fashion pages of the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Anniversary book. Soft spoken with some whispering, page turning and tapping.

Please watch: “ASMR Roleplay: The Tooth Fairy Wants Payback || Soft spoken || Crinkles”