How to turn an armoire into a pantry

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How to turn an armoire into a pantry is easy….when you know how. Why would you want to turn an armoire into a pantry anyway? How big is your kitchen? Don’t have enough storage space or food space? Now you see why you might need an armoire so you can turn it into a pantry or kitchen storage area. Let’s see what “joe” can tell us on how to go about turning an armoire into a pantry.

Thrift Store & Antique Mall Haul – Reselling on eBay Turn $80 Into $1700 Profit

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I’m a full time online only seller with over a million dollars in eBay sales in the past four years and over 34,000 active eBay listings. I also sell on Amazon, and Discogs, and own several companies that manufacture, produce, and distribute our own artwork, and crafts through eBay, Amazon, and across the web. We have four employees, plus our two sons, as well as my wife, and I working hard to list 1,000 new listings each and every month. We mostly sell small vintage and collectible items along with antiques. We specialize in paper ephemera items, records, vintage toys, militaria, and anything else that makes a profit. We will be posting videos weekly in hopes of spreading the knowledge, which will allow you to make more money by widening your scope of knowledge. The majority of items we sell are usually passed up by most resellers, and can make huge profits as well. Please subscribe to my channel, and be on the lookout for more videos weekly. Please check out my intro video as well! Thanks for watching! Don The Auction Professor.