Upgrading Kluson Style Vintage Guitar Tuners

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In this video, I upgrade my tele style guitar’s (Vintage Icon V62) vintage style tuners (tuning machines). It comes with Wilkinson Deluxe WJ558 tuners. I heavily modified my guitar before, now it is the last step to upgrade the tuners with Gotoh SD91, which are made in Japan. I think those are high quality machine heads and unbeatable in that price range.
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Vintage Icon V62:

Gotoh SD91-05M-L Tuners:

D’addario/Planet Waves Pro Winder:

Changing Rich Robinson’s Grover tuners back to vintage style Klusons

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Rich Robinson of The Magpie Salute and founding member of The Black Crowes asked Erick Coleman to install tuners that match this Gibson’s ES-335 original factory machines. Erick shows how he made the new tuners look as old as the guitar.

Songs featured in this video include “Send Me An Omen” and “Mary the Gypsy” by The Magpie Salute, from the album High Water 1

10.5mm Round Conversion Bushings

Peghole Reamers

Tuner Bushing Press

Keystone Tuner Knobs

Nut and Saddle Vise

ColorTone Liquid Stains

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THE BEST Method on How to Change Guitar Strings: Fender Vintage Style Klusen Tuners

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How to change strings on a Fender styled guitar.

It is specific to Klusen tuners, but the majority of the process can be applied to any guitar.

How to replace Vintage style guitar Tuners Mustang

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In this video I show you How to replace Vintage style guitar Tuners on Squier Mustang , This will be the same for a any squier or Fender guitar with Vintage style tuners.

The Stock Tuners on the Squier Mustang did not hold tune so good but when I replaced the tuners it made a good improvement.

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How To Install Vintage Style Kluson Guitar Tuners

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This is a quick install video of some of our favorite tuners. The Kluson double line tuners are available here Thank You so much for watching Dylan Talks Tone!!! Please consider subscribing
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How to String your Fender USA Telecaster 52 Reissue with Vintage Style Tuners Easy Guide

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How to String your Telecaster with Vintage Style Tuners Easy Guide
Fender USA Telecaster 52 Vintage Reissue
How to string your Electric Guitar with Vintage Tuners
I received some questions about how to string / restring your electric guitar when it has Vintage Tuners. I know there must be like 2 million videos about this but here is my answer to my friends.
The best locking tuners ever!

How to restring your Stratocaster guitar with open slot vintage style tuners

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A simple how-to video showing my quick change method for putting new strings on a strat style guitar. I used a clip on tuner, as well as an iPhone EPIC TUNE tuner app.

*Updated* How to String a Guitar with Vintage Style Tuners

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This updated guide will show you the way in which I restring an electric guitar with vintage style tuners. My original video had many suggestions on alternative methods and I thank all those who commented and offered additional assistance. I’ve found this new way next to flawless so I hope you’re able to find it useful if you’re struggling with restringing a guitar with these type of tuners.

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