DIY Glamorous Tufted Mirror for cheap. Vintage style DIY LARGE FLOOR MIRROR

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Hei Superstars
I made this with less than £20 .

Here is my version of a glamorous velvet tufted mirror which says Luxuries for cheap.
The mirror is form B&M U.K. £9.99
Wood panels -I had in stock-Build base- it is really cheap
Jigsaw -I already had- Link
Foam 1″ thick from eBay £6.99
Velvet fabric 2 meter from eBay
Tufting button with holes from Ebay
Gorilla wood glue From Asda Supermarket
Extra Supplies used
Heavy duty staple gun and pins

Braided string cord

Long needles
From repairing needle kit
It took around 7 hours to finish the project.No need to rush take your own time stay healthy .