DIY: Vintage Chanel dress with pockets and trims. Lined Chanel-style dress.

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I think that everybody love Chanel style dresses, so I’ve decided to shoot a quick review of a dress made in my fashion house.
The dress is lined, and it’s made of fabric of a very good quality. Notice that it consists of different threads – thin and thick ones.
Have a look at the Chanel trim. It looks almost like a fur trim. Due to the fact, the the threads are different, the trim looks very beautiful.
The tailors of my fashion house know how to make perfect Chanel trims.
This is an A-lined dress, it’s not straight.
There’s a zipper on the center back. Notice that there’s no facing on the neckline.
There’s also a Chanel-style trim on the center front and on the pockets.
Notice that even the pockets are lined. I’ve showed you how to line pockets in the video about the jacket for a kid.
This dress was made using my 10-measurement cutting system.
It takes very long to make the Chanel-style trim. It’s made of the same fabric.
I’ll also show you the wrong side of the dress.
The seams in this dress are edged with an overlock sewing machine.
I prefer not simple items, but items of a good quality.
The fabric is very light, so the item is not heavy.
Today I’ll show you a thorough review of an amazing Chanel-style dress.
I hope that you’ll find this video useful.
My name is Paukshte Irina.
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