**SOLD** Bicycle Themed Journal – Flip Thru – Handmade – Vintage Style

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Flip Through of my newly completed journal up for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Beauty and The Beast Themed Weddding | Curvy Brides’ Boutique

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Kimberley is in love with Disney and she is planning on having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding!
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Retro party themed decorating ideas

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Check out the video of best collection of party decorating ideas and get ideas of invitations to thank-you cards, find all the indoor and outdoor decorations, party games, themed party, craft ideas, Wrapped Drink Bottles, Cakes, drink and food ideas,banners, favor bags or costumes, and supplies you need to make
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Plan a party on a budget to remember with these clever ideas for DIY party decor. Use everything to make a splatter paint table runner. Bring out tape to decorate utensils, make napkin rings, and to make plastic cups look like the ones in the videos. Add a burst of color with the easiest DIY garlands you can make an hour before the party. See also how to diy vintage party decoration ideas, do it yourself, dollar store, dr seuss, easter, easy, easy cheap, egyptian party
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It doesn’t take much to turn your home into a party space. Pick a few of these simple ideas to make your party amazing. Check out these designs that can be reused year after year. Get a lot of joy for your party with this affordable and versatile party material. Make your table shine by using the snacks as creative decor. Whether you’re decorating a ballroom or a backyard, find out best birthday party decorations and ideas to suit your style. holiday on a budget, holiday
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Vintage style nature themed junk journal for Jibid.” Catch a Fox “. ( Custom order )

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Thank you so much guys for watching.
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Sound Absorption Panels – Movie Themed – Quick Studio Tour

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After moving in to our new home I have had a hard time making voice overs on my videos, thanks to the echo in this room. But then I remembered that about a year ago or so I saw DIY Perks video, How to Make High Performance Sound Absorption Panels for $5. So ofcourse, with that video in mind I wanted to make my own panels to muffle the sound! Here is my take on it, and a short studio tour aswell 😉 Hope you enjoy! 😁

DIY Perks video:
and channel:

Makers Central:

Things you need:

Wooden slats – I used one that was 4,5×4,5cm in thickness.
Then I cut it into: 2x145cm, 2x96cm 1x87cm*
*The middle part seen at 02:21 , to avoid the frame from shifting and bending due to the stretched fabrics causing tensions in the wood.

Hand Saw
Measuring tape
Safety glasses
Ear protection
Screwdriver/Power drill with drill bit, big enough for the screws
Countersink(or a bigger drill bit)
Wood screws
Hand milling machine
Towels – I used IKEA towel HÄREN 150x100cm
Staple gun with staples
Fabric – I used a cheap black stretchy one
Textile chalk
Template – of your choice
Textile Paint – your color of choice
Masking Tape – Optional
Paper – Optional
Plastic film with a sticky back – Optional
Scalpel with cutting borad – Optional
Hooks/screws for the wall

Music: I Love You by Vibe Track


*Excelsior! – Stan Lee*

Kaisercraft Mademoiselle Vintage Style Sewing Themed Folio Video Tour

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Kaisercraft Mademoiselle papers and Petaloo flowers are artfully blended into this Vintage Style Sewing Themed folio. The perfect gift for any seamstress, the folio contains pockets, mini folios, photo mounts, a waterfall feature, tags and decorative paperclips. Learn how to make the folio base in my Authentique Fabulous Retro Style Album video tutorial available on YouTube:

Vintage Themed Online Fashion Picks; Retro ’60’s, 70’s & 80’s!

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Watch in H.D!!
Sorry if the video is a tad Glitchy… I am teaching myself to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos and it’s a slow process!

Outfit #1; Starts at 01:53




Outfit #2; Starts at 04:38


Outfit#3; Starts at 06:06

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Vintage style nature themed junk journal ” A fox in the forest “. ( Sold.Thank you )

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The journal is available on e-bay –

Thank you guys for taking part,
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Vintage Fashion themed junk journal (sold)

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Vintage Fashion themed junk journal where is picktures womens clothing from 50´s-60´s, also lot of writing place. This journal is also in my etsy shop if you are intrested, link below.
Vintake muoti aiheinen junk journal missä kuvia 50 ja 60 luvun naisten pukeutumisesta, silti kirjassa myös paljon tilaa kirjoittaa. Ralli englanniksi puhuttu 🙂