80’s retro Jason theme music DLC Friday the 13th game

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music from the new DLC from Friday the 13th game by synthwave artist Mitch Murder. This is the music that plays when the new DLC retro Jason is near. Great retro style music!

Mitch Murder

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Smashbook Flip Through Light Blue Binder Retro Theme (EMPTY) | MyGreenCow

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Just a little series, showing the empty SMASH books before anything is added to them.

This isn’t meant to be a detailed look at the pages, just a quick flip through to show you the style of pages it has to hopefully help give you an idea of what it’s like when you are maybe choosing your own SMASH book to buy 🙂

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Street Fighter 2 Ryu Theme Retro 80’s style remix

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This was a song remix composed , produced, and engineered by James Garrison Summers (JGS)

Sorry for the long wait guys. As you know I work full time as a music composer/ producer and audio engineer so yeah lol.

About this song:

Okay this was a very risky route to take When doing this song. You guys know I am not really big into “remixing” classic songs because sometimes it could take too much away from that original sound that we all loved back in the day. I wanted to make Ryu’s theme sound vintage while giving it more of a punch so I decided to take the 80’s retro EDM style approach. I hope you guys like what I did with the song and I hope I didn’t ruin it!! lol please comment below.

Isao Abe, and Syun Nishigaki are the original composers for the classic SNES Street Fighter 2 soundtrack

Original SNES song:


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Dressing for Dapper Day – A Guide to Vintage Fashion in Theme Parks

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Visit www.dapperday.com to learn more! (I didn’t know you had to link through youtube for annotations, mkay?)

Welcome one and all to my personal collection of tips that will help you dress your snazziest in the happiest place on earth! Whether you’re attending Dapper Day this year, next year, in ten years, or you just want some help on dressing vintage in your favorite amusement park, you’ve come to the right place! Remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask me here, on Tumblr, or on Twitter.

Good luck.

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Vintage style journal with a botanical theme

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Here is a little journal made with the Mother Earth range of paper from Fabscraps. Winter is approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, so the light is not as bright as I would have preferred it to be. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below 🌻

Retro Theme Fashion Show by ISME SY College Students | HR Fest

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Students from ISME SY College put up a Retro themed Fashion Show at “Rampaigning”, Fashion Show Contest, held at HR Fest 2017

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How To Dress up for a Retro Bollywood Theme Party

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Retro Theme By Pallavi Aggarwal || Star Fashion Week 2017 || The Glitter Entertainment

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Retro Theme By Pallavi Aggarwal 70s Look || Star Fashion Week 2017
Organised By #Usmani Production & Navneet grover
Event Partner #Showkraft Entertainment
HD Video Only On #TheGlitterEntertainment
Design & Photography By #NirbhayArjunaProductions
Cinematography By #TheGlitterEntertainment