Channel 9 commentary team goes Retro to celebrate 40 years of ODI cricket

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January 16th 2011 MCG – To celebrate 40 years of ODI cricket, the channel 9 commentary team dress up like in the 1970s like the first commentary team as it was in the 1970s. Ian Healy as Bill Lawry, Mark Taylor as Max Walker, James Brayshaw as Richie Benaud , Michael Slater as Ian Chappell and Tony Grieg as himself. Even Michael Clarke and Andrew Strauss came wearing Dennis Lillee headbands to the toss. #AusvInd


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The Sega Genesis Power Team 1991-1992 – A PURE Pick Up video from the past – My Retro Life

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Today we dive deep into the past. Pick up videos are all the rage right now, but have you ever witnessed a retro video game pickup video…from the actual 90’s? You are in for a treat!

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Some footage from World of Longplays (With permission)

Once A Ranger Team Morph (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) *Retro Style / No VFX*

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I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and now it’s finally done! Ken, SuperUnknownPerson, Anne, Kaela and myself go retro as we pay tribute to one of the best team ups in Power Rangers history, Once a Ranger from Operation Overdrive! Will the new team up in Super Ninja Steel be better? Only time will tell.

25 years ago, August 28, 1993, we witnessed the rise of the global phenomenon that is Power Rangers. 25 years later, August 28, 2018, and the franchise is still going strong, so I wanted to take this time to wish you all a happy and safe National Power Rangers Day! You rock!

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Retro Smash vs Smash Bros! #2 (vs YOSHI TEAM)

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The video on the left was animated using the gameplay footage on the right.

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This time I don’t have any record of how long it took to get this take, but like the previous episode I think this take was the result of something close to 9 hours of playing the game! Sure I didn’t capture the falcon punch hitting the hammer blow like in Stage 1… but the Yoshi who put me in an egg cracked me up! So much so that it costed me one of my 3 lives, so I better be more careful if I want to unlock Ness after this!


Here’s the link to the original animated video:

Features great and nostalgic material from Super Smash Bros (1999), and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995).


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Retro Wedding Dance | Shammi Kapoor Songs | Pankaj Soni & Team (2018)

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The wedding season is here in all its glory, which means it’s time for the entire squad to get together for sangeet dance practice sessions! As anyone who’s ever performed at a wedding would tell you, these practice sessions are the most enjoyable part of every wedding and will leave you with memories (and videos) that you’ll value for the rest of your life. Even crazy discussions about the bridal lehenga, wedding invitations and wedding decor happen here. Luckily, Bollywood loves weddings just as much as we do, and gives us awesome Hindi wedding songs every year. Refer to our curated playlist of top Bollywood wedding dance songs and get-set for a rocking sangeet night!

veryone in the wedding party comes together for these 2-minute performances on such wedding dance songs that become the highlight of all pre-wedding functions. Don’t forget the behind-the-scenes videos and boomerangs, which will always be special for you and your special ones. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional wedding choreographer who will take away the stress of planning and make you enjoy the practice sessions even more. The other important partner will be your wedding videographers and photographers, so make sure they know when the scale and style of your performances.

Happy dancing!

Team USA Breaks International Weight Records in Mexico – Mexico Gold Day 1

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We break the International Bass Record for total weight and we do it with the cameras rolling. The entire Team USA dropped huge bags to take the lead in the Black Bass World Championship in Mexico.

This could be one of the most epic film work in any bass tournament. Please share this video to everyone you can.

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Germany football team unveils retro jersey for 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Germany have unveiled the kit they will wear when they defend their FIFA World Cup title in Russia in 2018 with the design harking back to a famous global triumph. Reminiscent of the shirt worn by Lothar Matthäus, Jürgen Klinsmann and Andreas Brehme when the latter’s penalty gave Germany victory in the 1990 final against Argentina, the new adidas kit is all black-and-white, not featuring the colours of the German flag. The iconic design of the original shirt has become a staple of street and skateboard wear in Germany so adidas, who have also developed an all-blue goalkeeper’s kit, have tapped into the Zeitgeist ahead of next summer. (Video credit: Perform)

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SOLD French Paris Vintage Style Journal for October Tsunami Rose Design Team

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I really enjoyed making this journal because of all the kit’s beautiful papers. The kit was her new French Classifieds. There are many little booklets in this journal. And since I love lace and tatting, you will see a lot of it.

Also, I have incorporated my Little Lace Lady tatting pieces into it. I sell these on my Etsy. I will add all the links below. I hope you enjoy viewing this journal.

Cotton Candy Fashion Film – Team Eden x Dreamland Vintage feat. Insert Coin

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“Cotton Candy” is a vintage fashion film set in 1999 that follows three friends as they explore their city and contemplate their passion for candy, bright colours and the concepts of wearing clothing out of time and that had once belonged to other people.

A Team Eden x Dreamland Vintage Production

Directed by Alex Andipatin
Cinematography by Liam Solo
Music by Insert Coin (Summer Drive, Anacronym)

Filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa

Kim Spearman
Arjun Jain
Alex Andipatin

“Cotton Candy” is owned by Team Eden Productions. Any unlawful or unauthorised copying, downloading or screening of this film will be in direct violation of copyright law.

Team Morph (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) *Retro Style / No VFX*

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Thought it was time for another Power Rangers fan morph compilation video with all the Lightspeed Rescue morphs, featuring some new footage! Special thanks goes to Daria (Lightspeed Rescue Pink) and Sara (Lightspeed Rescue Yellow) for helping me out with this video!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything else this past week, the weather in California has been constantly changing from hot to cold lately, and I ended up getting sick. I’m not 100% yet, but I should be feeling better later on this week. You rock!

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Team Morph (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) *Retro Style / Original 5 Ranger Fan Tribute*

Views:18244|Rating:4.43|View Time:45Minutes|Likes:187|Dislikes:24
You knew it was coming eventually, so here it is! My fan morph of the original core 5 rangers is finally done! I currently don’t have the green and white power coins at the moment, but when I find them, it’ll be morphinominal!

Special thanks to my friends and colleagues, Megan (MMPR Pink) and Julia (MMPR Yellow) for helping me out with this video, and a very special thanks to you for watching! It’s morphin’ time!

Missed my previous fan morphs? Check out this playlist!

Team Morph (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) *Retro Style / 7 Ranger Fan Tribute*

Views:13621|Rating:4.55|View Time:49Minutes|Likes:122|Dislikes:12
Yep, I couldn’t resist doing this morph next! Rather than having just 6 rangers, I figured why not make it 7 by including Karone’s morph since she is one of my favorite pink rangers! She had one of the best story arcs of the show in my humble opinion. Kendrix was amazing too.

Special thanks to my awesome colleagues and friends Daria (Lost Galaxy Pink – Karone), Tatianna (Lost Galaxy Yellow) and Anne (Lost Galaxy Pink – Kendrix) for helping me out with this video, and a very special thanks to you for watching! Go Galactic!

Missed my previous fan morphs? Check out this playlist!