LAST CHRISTMAS – Vintage Andrews Sisters Style Wham! Cover Cover’Town

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Happy New Year 2019! Cover’Town 2018 Year In Review
Wow! Quite a Good year.

Как мы встретили 2019 и что успели в 2018?
Новогоднее шоу в Берлине
Запустили сайт, Youtube-канал и Instagram
Более 100 мероприятий
Смена состава
Подготовка нового проекта
Прошло 6 лет с даты основания коллектива

2019 год дал хороший старт – второй раз выступали перед немецкой публикой. Много предстоит еще…

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Simon G. Milgrain Vintage Style Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

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Simon G. Milgrain “Vintage Style” Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Featuring 0.14 Carats Round Cut White Diamonds and 0.42 Carats Oval Cut Diamonds Sidestones with Milgrain Half Bezel Set Center Detailing.

Shop Simon G. diamond engagement rings at (

DK7IH Homemade vintage style QRP SSB transceiver 14MHz/20m.

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This is my latest amateur radio homebrew project. The main design objective was building a transceiver in “old style” using a VFO instead of a digital synthesizer thus avoiding any noise generating digital stuff. Power output is slightly higher than 5 watts. The TRX has been designed exclusively for voice operation.

Receiver: The rig uses a single conversion superhet (9MHz IF) with a preamp (audio AGC controlled), mixer stage and an IF amp (also AGC controlled) that are all based on Dual-Gate MOSFETs.

Product detector is an NE602, followed by a bipolar audio preamp and the well-known LM386 as the final audio amp.

Transmitter: Mic is dynamic, mic amp uses LM741 operational amplifier, balanced modulator is MC1496, IF amp is BC846 and TX mixer is NE602 again.

The RF power amplifier has 4 stages, the final stage operating in push-pull mode with 2 bipolar transistors 2SC2078.

A RIT circuit has also been integrated as well as an S-Meter and a power meter.

Thanks for watching!

73 de Peter


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This is the demo version of Compound for the HTC Vive. It’s a retro style virtual reality shooter that reminds me of some old school games likes Doom. It’s also super challenging and takes a lot of practice to master. I love how the levels regenerate into something new each game!

Devs Description: COMPOUND (Pre-Alpha) is a randomized rogue-like, free-roaming shooter for VR veterans. Duck and dodge around enemy fire in a tough-as-nails retro FPS with multiple locomotion options. Prepare to die – a lot. Download the demo now!

Get it on Steam –

More HTC Vive –

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LAYERING WINTER OUTFITS | how to style winter clothes (2019)

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Hey friends! It’s effing cold out here in Canada, so I thought I’d share some ideas on how to layer for the winter and super cold weather. Anyone else layer like crazy in the wintertime? Layering is totally key in the winter, especially here in Toronto where the air hurts your face. Sometimes it can be tough to feel stylish and cute when you feel like a puffy giant in all your layers.This is how I typically layer if I have to be outside for more than 10 minutes in the cold weather, but still manage to pull off feeling cute in a good outfit. Editing inspired by Allegra Shaw and others.

#layeringoutfits #winterlayering #howtolayer



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Roots Cabin Lounge Socks

Blundstone Chisel Toe, Rustic Brown

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Canada Goose Jacket

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Kit + Ace Turtleneck

Everlane Cheeky Ankle Straight Jeans (sky blue, 24)

Wool herringbone blazer, thrifted (all similar)

Urban Outfitters Belt (similar)

Oak + Fort Coat (no longer available, similar)

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Well Dressed Crossdressers – Best Dress Up & Style Tips !

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Here are some inspirations for crossdresser who are looking for dress up and style tips. Check out some of the gorgeous and well dressed crossdressers from around the world to get more ideas on how to style yourself better. #dressup #style #tips

Friends sangeet dance Jhumma chumma | Retro style Sangeet Dance | Best Couple dance @sangeet| GE

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Best Dance and masti performance as needed at sangeet.
Retro theme style Sangeet performance by Friends
Jhumma chumma – Amitabh style.
Choreography – Gaurav Events.

January 3 vs 3 – Vintage style Hasek setup

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Just another fun skate. Some sloppy goals on my side but I really need to get my skates figured out as I am having issues with the bite I am getting right now.

What I am wearing:-

Pads – Bauer Supreme Pros 35+
Gloves – Koho 580 Pro
Mask – Cooper Sk2000 with Bauer HM50 cage
Chesty – Vaughn Pro 2600
Pants – Vaughn LT Ventus
Skates – Bauer X700 Senior
Stick – Warrior Swagger

This Love – Vintage 1940s Jazz Style Maroon 5 Cover ft. Devi-Ananda

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Meet our 2016 #PMJsearch winner, Devi-Ananda from Berlin, Germany! We brought her to PMJ Manor to film her debut on this ’40s big band style remake of Maroon 5’s “This Love.” She’s a natural fit for PMJ!!

The Band:
Devi-Ananda – vocals

Bob Lawrence – trombone
Jacob Scesney – sax
Jonathan Richards – bass
Aaron McLendon – drums
Scott Bradlee – piano

Peri / Snap: @scottbradlee
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TRENDS FOR 2019 | Menswear and Street Style Trends for 2019

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For me, I’m basically going over my top trends that you can expect to see in 2019. Some of these are carrying over from 2018 but I think the way they are being styled/different silhouettes is what will make them a different kind of look in 2019

1. The Elevated Suit / Casual Suiting
2. BIG Logos
3. Corduroy
4. Browns and stuff
5. Neckerchief
6. Stripes

#2019trends #streetstyletrends #fashiontrends #trendsfor2019 #mensstyletrends #mensfashiontrends #besttrends2019
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Vintage digital dive watch review circa 1980’s citizen pro master type style digital watch Rare.HD

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HD video.Rare Citizen pro master like look digital 1980’s mint condition.vintage watch collection ⌚️ Review.If you like the video and would like to see more please thumbs up,share and subscribe.Thanks for your support.

Silver Tungsten Carbide Ring Koa Wood Inlay Polished Vintage Style

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The silver tungsten carbide ring with wood inlay ring has Top quality and is a real tungsten ring with real Koa wood inlay. The comfort fit, which is hypoallergenic and scratch resistant, make it very comfortable to wear. This ring is a vintage wedding style, the surface of the ring is inlaid with wood, which looks more textured. It’s a best choice for unisex wedding band, engagement ring band, anniversary gift, birthday gift, and daily wearing. If you are confused about picking a ring, this ring will be your smartest choice. Choose a lower price, better product, which will be your most satisfying online shopping experience.

Metal Features: ① Cobalt Free ② Safe and Comfort ③ High Hardness ④ Scratch Resistant ⑤ Corrosion Resistant ⑥ Color Retention ⑦ No Deformation ⑧ Masculinity
Occasions: Promise, Engagement, Marriage, Anniversary, Daily Wear, etc. A perfect gift for your lover or spouse with an elegant jewellery box.
Special Service: Free Custom Engraving. You can remember special days, meaningful handwriting, etc. by carving inside the ring.
Guarantee: Friendly customer service and lifetime warranty covering any damage and size exchange.

Twirl Curl – 50’s Retro Style

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The most amazing, versatile hair accessory in the world.

No pins, no grips

The black deluxe velour and special galvanised flexible wire that runs throughout the patented Twirl Curl design enables you to create an array of fabulous styles in seconds.

From the classic academy winning Conventional Bun, to the glamorous sophisticated French Pleat, our new creations include the Hollywood High and Low Bun, the Retro 1950’s look, and the Pony Wrap.

This time around, we are offering raunchy, romantic , classic and fun-loving accessories to compliment and perfect the dynamic and daring looks for every occasion.

Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, curly or straight, young or old, providing you can grasp a handful of hair, Twirl Curl will become your best hair friend for life and that’s a promise!

Our celebrity Twirl Curl secret — take out your Twirl Curl after as little as 3 to 4 hours and you are left with perfectly natural, bouncy curls. Who’d have thought it!?