Sewing Machine Problems: Thread Bunching On Underside Of Fabric & Unjamming

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In this video we’ll show a common issue of missing the take up lever while threading a sewing machine. From there, we’ll show you how to remove a front-loading hook and unjam the thread.


A couple tips to keep in mind:

Always turn the handwheel towards you. At 2:25 we do this to insure the hook is re-installed properly.

Always try to sink your needle before sewing (Unless your stitch has already been started.)

We’ll be showing how to clean/oil a machine like this in an upcoming video, we know it’s dirty 🙂

This machine is working great, we’re not sure why it looks as though the display is flickering (Must be something with our camera.)

We don’t recommend jamming your machine on purpose.


Roommate Problems & Fake Influencers ft. Frugal Aesthetic (Christian Vui)

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SHOW and TELL ! Elsa & Anna toddlers at School – One is Sleepy – teacher Barbie – Math problems

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In this toys dolls parody video you can see Elsa and Anna toddlers
going to school. Little Elsa was not able to sleep well last night, so she is very tired and sleepy in the classroom !
They also have show-and-tell at school today, but will toddler Elsa be able to focus well and present her show and tell toy ? Also, watch as other children in the classroom present their cute toys.Watch the video and … enjoy !

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Sewing Machine Problems: The Most Common Issues

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(Links to specific times/topics below.)

Up to 85% of sewing machine repairs are avoidable and simple things. In this video we try to break down the most common issues we see with machines that come in for repair including their causes and ways to avoid them. Please leave any questions in the comments.

Thanks For Watching & Hope This Helps!

(All shot on an iPhone 7 & standard earbud mic. We used 2 spotlights with daylight bulbs, a vanity light and three ceiling lights to record this in our garage – Sorry for any audio/video issues, just working with what we have.)

0:21 – Spool Pins
0:59 – Stacked v.s. Cross Wound Thread
1:34 – Spool Caps
3:34 – Spool Stand
4:29 – Spool Cones / Spacers
4:58 – Thread Quality
5:40 – Upper Tension
7:19 – Presser Foot Position & How It Relates To Tension
8:03 – How To Check If You Have Top Tension
9:39 – Too Little Tension
11:09 – Too Much Tension
12:39 – Loops On The Bottom (Missing The Take-Up Lever)
13:31 – Unjamming Machine & Hook Care
15:44 – Front Loading v.s. Top Loading (Drop-In)
17:03 – Bobbin Case (Tension, Threading, Etc.)
18:10 – Bobbin Direction
20:25 – Bobbins
21:45 – Be Sure To Sink Your Needle
22:14 – Be Sure To Hold Your Thread Tails
23:45 – Machine Making Sound But Not Running
24:44 – Machine Not Feeding Material
25:20 – Machine Not Releasing Material
25:50 – Best Settings For Dialing In Tension

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