NYX Full Face Review: Pinup, Vintage Style

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Hello there, everyone! Here is my full face review for NYX cosmetics showcasing the signature pinup/ vintage style featuring a large cat-eye winged liner and a Bridgette with too much caffeine and little sleep. Like and Subscribe if you want maybe and feel free to follow me on Instagram at: @bridgette_olivia. Enjoy and thank you for watching!

Products Used:

NYX BB Cream:

NYX Sculpt and Highlight Face Duo:

NYX Wonder Stick:

NYX Micro Brow Pencil:

NYX Adorable Pallette:

NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner:

NYX Doll Eye Mascara:

NYX #NOFILTER Finishing Powder:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream:

Music: Glitz at the Ritz, Swagger Stagger, Mama Sound from Epidemic Sound
Filmed on a Canon M50

I STILL Can’t Believe It || NYX Face Awards 2018 Vlog (Part Two)

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FINALLY, here’s part two.
Editing this made me miss these two weeks (and these 5 girls) SO MUCH, so I hope you enjoy this little peek into what the whirlwind was like!
Thank you so much, to everyone. I could not have made it this far and won the Face Awards without you all, and you mean the world to me, truly.

Part One:
Watch the FULL Face Awards here:
Watch my final video here:


“Projections” – Daniel Gunnarsson
“Walking Straight Ahead” – Orjan Karlsson
“Different Kind of Lonely” – The Eastern Plain
“Sons & Daughters” – Sven Karlsson
“I’m Saving Mine for Us” – Windshield
(All from epidemicsound.com)

Antique Automaton Tutorial || NYX Face Awards 2018 Top 20 – “Machinist”

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Direct Link to my video:
Voting lasts from June 15th-June 21st, and you get 3 votes, per day, per email. It would mean THE WORLD to me to make it to Top 12, but definitely check out the other amazing artists in the competition, too!!

AHHH! So here is my second video for the NYX Face Awards, this time for Top 20!

The theme was “Machinist”, so I thought what a better time to do a steampunk automaton look? I’ve always loved the look of corrosion on copper and other metals, and really wanted to incorporate that in makeup form. I really hope you guys like this look, since I worked really hard on it. I’m just so honored that I even made it into this round, and I couldn’t have done it without you all!
I love you!!!!

Also a huge thanks to NYX Professional Makeup and all the sponsors!!


|| Makeup Used ||
NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow in:
Gold Lust HS74
Betrayal NMS11
Jaded PS11
NYX SFX Creme Paint in Silver, Black
NYX Vivid Brights Creme Paint in Aqua
NYX Perfect Filter Palette in Olive You
NYX Cosmic Metals Lipstick in Galactic
NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Neutrals
NYX Metallic Eyeliner in Gold
NYX Eye Pencil in Pure White
NYX Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner in Alliance
NYX That’s The Point Eyeliner in Hella Fine
Brushes: #15, 30, 35, 11, 22

Also Used:
Vichy Skin Fortifying Daily Booster
Redken Aerate 08 Mousse

Music Provided by www.audionetwork.com
Ending bloopers song by Kevin McLeod (incompetech.com)