PJ Masks Catboy Plays With TRANSFORMING McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Vintage Play Kitchen

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Disney Junior PJ Masks Catboy & Gekko play with vintage McDonald’s happy meal toys. They are McDonald’s happy meals and kids meals that transform into robots! We also play with vintage real McDonald’s play food and a vintage fisher price play kitchen! This video also includes 2 more PJ Masks full episodes dress up style. One has Catboy & Gekko playing at a mini golf course. Then PJ Mask Catboy and Gekko playing in a giant 2 story tall play house. They pretend play it’s a mcdonald’s drive thru!

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Retro style kitchen scale Soehnle Vintage Style Red at Things4MyHome.com

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Things4MyHome.com is delighted to introduce the Soehnle Vintage Style Red kitchen scale.

The Soehnle Vintage Style kitchen scale has a 1950’s design and is in the typical red of the time.

The fifties style kitchen scale has a dual display with an analogue dial, finished in a chrome ring, and an illuminated LCD digital display. So you can weigh old style or modern, at the same time.

Discover more features of the Soehnle Vintage Style Red kitchen scale and purchase at Things4MyHome.com:

NEW!! Minimalist Kitchen Reno: Selecting the finishes (the END is in sight!! 2019)

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We’re getting closer with our kitchen makeover!! It is light and bright and today we talk about finishes: lighting, shelf brackets, cabinet pulls and grout color (and what will and will not go on the open shelves πŸ˜‰

#minimalistkitchen #familyminimalism

Find the items we showed today here:
Retro Black Wall Sconce ($24.99):

Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Bar Handle Pull – 3″ ($32.98 for 25):

Black Shelf Brackets ($39.98 for 4):

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R E L A T E D V I D E O S :

Kitchen Reno PART 1 (Demo day, discovering more problems):

Kitchen Reno PART 2 (Open shelves or extra cabinet??):

S I M P L I F Y Y O U R K I T C H E N Q U I C K L Y! :

K I T C H E N T O U R:

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How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances (Easy Kitchen Cleaning Ideas That Save Time) Clean My Space

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Maker’s Cleaning Cloths:
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In this video, cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, shows us how to clean stainless steel appliances in a safe and effective way.

Stainless steel appliances are becoming more and more popular and it’s always a challenge to clean them without scratching them, and of course getting rid of annoying streaks and fingerprints. People always think they need to purchase expensive products or tools to do this, but I reveal a secret that the pros use. Enjoy!!!

Danielle asked: What’s the best way to clean stainless steel appliances?


What you need-
1) Stainless steel
2) 2 microfibre cloths (1 wet and 1 dry)
3) Dish soap
4) Olive oil/baby oil/vegetable oil
5) Paper towels
6) Warm water

Start by taking a microfiber cloth, wet it with warm water, and add a bit of dish soap. Wring the cloth out well and wipe your stainless steel appliance down, removing any and all grime. Next, take your cloth and rinse it off well with water. Wipe down the appliance again to remove any remaining soapy residue. Using the dry cloth, buff the stainless steel appliance dry, erasing any streaks left behind.

For extra shine and to eliminate tough streaks, put a bit of olive oil on 2 paper towels and wipe the appliance down, going with the grain, not against. Large appliances would take about a quarter size amount whereas small appliances need about a pennies worth. Then take a fresh set of dry paper towels and wipe the appliance again to eliminate any excess oil so there isn’t a greasy, oily residue leftover. You should be left with a clean, glossy stainless steel finish!

Did you know? Stainless steel is made of chromium. It forms a chromium oxide that creates a protect film on the steel which helps to prevent staining and corrosion.

5 Tips to Keep Your Stainless Steel Looking New:
1) DO NOT use anything rough that will scratch the surface
2) DO NOT use chlorine bleach
3) Never clean in circles or against the grain
4) Don’t let dirt sit on the surface for too long
5) Clean the surface then buff it to keep it looking shiny

45% OFF – Frap Retro Style Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Tap Antique Brass Hot And …

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^_^ Frap Retro Style Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Tap Antique Brass Hot and Cold Water Tap 360 Degree Rotating F4019-4 🐶

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50% OFF – Frap Retro Style Kitchen Faucet Deck Mounted Mixer Tap 180 Degree Rotation …

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💘 Frap Retro Style Kitchen Faucet Deck Mounted Mixer Tap 180 Degree rotation with Water Purification Features F4399-4 🌆

50% Discount
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⛔ 50% OFF – Frap Retro Style Kitchen Faucet Deck Mounted Mixer Tap 180 Degree Rotation … 🏥

Coca-Cola Fishtail Wall Decal – Vintage Style Kitchen Decor from Retro Planet

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This short video highlights our officially licensed Coca-Cola fishtail wall decal. One of the most famous Coca-Cola icons, the fishtail (arciform) was used in vintage Coke ads from 1958 to 1965, when it was replaced by the red disc. We’ve turned the fishtail into a removable wall decal that adds a unique look to a retro kitchen or restaurant. This particular decal captures the look of an embossed Coke sign, so it will blend well with your vintage Coca-Cola collectibles. Like all our wall decals, it’s available in polyester or vinyl material and is easy to apply and remove.

Check out this and our other Coca-Cola wall decor at retroplanet.com.

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DIY Vintage Style Kitchen Light [Tutorial]

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This week I tackle making a new kitchen light. Ours has been in bad shape for a while, and I decide to replace it with a vintage style with hanging Edison bulbs. I use LED bulbs, but you wouldn’t know it, as the look just like the original style.



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1/12th Scale Vintage Style Kitchen Cupboard Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I show you how make a fabulous 1/12th scale vintage style kitchen cupboard! It has sliding doors at the base and in the cupboard above, which are surprisingly easy to fit. I really hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial and if you’d like to see more furniture in this style, please drop me a line!

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Obeche wood sheet can be purchased in my Etsy store, as well as lots of other useful bits and pieces:

Please note that all of my designs are covered by copyright law and are not intended for commercial reproduction.
(Copyright Β© 2018 Julie Warren)
1.5mm (1/16 inch) Sheet:
97 x 51mm (3 13/16 x 2 1/64 inches) – Cut 1 – BASE TOP
52.5 x 46mm (2 1/16 x 1 13/16 inches) – Cut 2 – DOORS
1.5 x 1.5mm (1/16 x 1/16 inch) Strip:
90mm (3 35/64 inches) – Cut 6 – DOOR RUNNERS
8mm (5/16 inch) – Cut 2 – DOOR HANDLES
2.5mm (3/32 inch) Sheet:
90 x 74.5mm (3 35/64 x 2 15/16 inches) – Cut 1 – BACK
74.5 x 50mm (2 15/16 x 1 31/32 inches) – Cut 2 – SIDES
90 x 47.5mm (3 35/64 x 1 7/8 inches) – Cut 3 – TOP / BOTTOM / SHELF
90 x 38mm (3 35/64 x 1 1/2 inches) – Cut 1 – INTERNAL SHELF
47.5 x 13mm (1 7/8 x 33/64 inch) – Cut 1 – DRAWER DIVIDE (Cut with the grain in the direction of the shortest edge).
1.5mm (1/16 inch) Sheet:
43 x 12mm (1 11/16 x 15/32 inch) – Cut 1 – BACK
38 x 12mm (1 1/2 x 15/32 inch) – Cut 2 – SIDES
39.5 x 38mm (1 9/16 x 1 1/2 inches) – Cut 1 – BASE
44.5 x 16.5mm (1 3/4 x 21/32inch) – Cut 1 – FRONT
1.5 x 1.5mm (1/16 x 1/16 inch) Strip:
8mm (5/16 inch) – Cut 1 – DRAWER HANDLE
1.5mm (1/16 inch) Sheet:
95 x 26mm (3 47/64 x 1 1/32 inches) – Cut 1 – CUPBOARD TOP
1.5 x 1.5mm (1/16 x 1/16 inch) Strip:
88mm (3 15/32 inches) – Cut 6 – DOOR RUNNERS
2.5mm (3/32 inch) Sheet:
88 x 68.5mm (3 15/32 x 2 45/64 inches) – Cut 1 – BACK
68.5 x 25mm (2 45/64 x 63/64 inches) – Cut 2 – SIDES
88 x 22.5mm (3 15/32 x 57/64 inches) – Cut 2 – TOP / SHELF
3 x 3mm (1/8 x 1/8 inch) Strip:
87.5mm (3 7/16 inches) – Cut 1 – BACK SUPPORT
44.5 x 32.5mm (1 3/4 x 1 9/32 inches) – Cut 1 – PAPER TEMPLATE FOR ACETATE DOORS
(Copyright Β© 2018 Julie Warren)
Please note that all of my designs are covered by copyright law and are not intended for commercial reproduction.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you may be interested in my books; ‘Step by Step Dolls’ House Projects in 1/12th Scale’, ‘Creating Dolls’ House Kitchens in 1/12th Scale’, β€˜Making Dolls’ House Miniatures in 1/12th Scale’, and β€˜Making Dolls House Furniture in 1/12th Scale’, which are all available to order from Amazon – just follow the links below:



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The Cult Kitchen: Beef Fudge Vintage Recipe

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In this segment of Vintage Chef we are making fudge! with beef in it! Wait, what?

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Kitchen Hot Pad Pot Holder in Vintage-Style – Crochet Pattern

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I want to share my love of vintage hot pads with you! Let’s Stitch One Up Together!
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The Jayda InStitches Show 2017

Retro Style Meatloaf

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A vintage style apron for you to sew, a touch of retro glam in the kitchen!

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This 50’s style pinny will add a touch of glamour to the kitchen! No pattern to follow so easy to make for any size. You can buy a download of a similar apron here with written instructions and photographs.

Vintage Fashion Film (1938) – Three Women and a kitchen

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The 1930s kitchen was a middle class phenomenon – bright colorful designs that heralded a new era
for the modern woman. It was the age of the ‘ Fitted Kitchen’ – a big move away from the old free standing kitchen style.
Jadeite green was very popular color and is often seen now in retro kitchenware and appliances.
Popular magazines that featured kitchen designs included Ladies Home Journal and Amercian Home.
This archive film clip comes from a Home Expo held in 1938 and was watched in cinemas across the USA.
Original footage from the Prelinger archive
Enjoy !