Weekly Vlog | Feeling Uninspired, Vintage Haul, & Shopping At Anthropologie

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☆ Sharing some of my days out of the week with you guys! This is how most of my days are like so I hopefully I can capture more fun events in the next vlog! ☆
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Hello hello, my name is Anna and I run the YouTube channel There She Goes! This is where I showcase my love for vintage styling and incorporating it into my bohemian style, showing you guys my go-to thrift stores, and sharing my life here in the city!

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Feeling Costume-y in Vintage Style – Some Tips and Advice

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The inevitable “is that a costume?”, “Halloween isn’t for another few weeks you know”, or even “are you in a play?” People like to comment on vintage style, and because vintage can look so different from modern clothing it can be hard at first to not feel like you are indeed wearing a bit of a costume. When you are going for a retro style, not a retro costume, here are a few tips on dealing with the costume-y comments and how to feel less like you look ready for a masquerade.

Of course I don’t want to discourage people from wearing vintage style, even the more cliche or stereotypical looks I mention in the video are indeed great looks! Just know that the more recognizable hallmarks of a decade can sometimes lead to costume-y questions from outsiders. Wear what you like! Who cares if the haters think your look is like a costume, they probably are not having as much fun as you are! 😉

Also: I am getting a new external recorder for my Rode Mic soon, so that will hopefully solve my ongoing audio problems! Thanks for hanging in there with me on that! I am still a newbie to camera/audio equipment so I’m learning as I go 🙂

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