Exploring Dublin ft. VINTAGE | Streetout

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We nearly lost one member of Streetout in the making of this video. Luke nearly got hit by a bus.

Please suggest more places for us to go to make videos, and would you like there to be talking in the video?





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The abandoned ghost town of Picher Oklahoma gave us some amazing RETRO FINDS, 1960s clothing, 30 year old canned goods(or older), the skeleton of an El Camino, wow what a day!!! These are just some of our favorite finds from our trip to Picher Oklahoma a town that is unsafe for human habitation, all that remains are the huge mining piles, desolate collapsing houses, overgrown city blocks, and an eeriness in this town that had over 14,000 residents at it’s height. Lead poisoning and government buyouts emptied the town and a 2008 tornado damaged much of what was left.
Forgive my speedy filming style please, it was the end of a LONG day and I was very excited, very cold, tired, and caffeinated.
More from our Picher trip coming soon.
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Special Thanks to UrbanMan 2015 for showing us around, link below.

Exploring Abandoned Retro Diner and Abandoned Home – Found Vintage Ms Pacman Arcade Game Pool Table

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Exploring Abandoned Retro Diner and Abandoned Home – Found Vintage Ms Pacman Arcade Game Pool Table

The existing restaurant here opened in 1988. But in 1971, the owners purchased and ran the original restaurant on the site, Country Fare Restaurant. It also had a motel and gas bar.

Full Gallery Here

For over 44 years this local staple has served a greasy spoon breakfast and lunch for the community and the city. A retro style family diner, run by the same family the whole time.

The husband passed away a few years before closing and while the wife still had her health and could enjoy the rest iof her life, she decided to close the doors and live life. The daughters who had grown up doing their homework on the counters and working various jobs at the facility had moved on with their own lives and neither had the time to run the diner.

With 4,500 square feet of space and 208 seats the diner isn’t like most cookie-cutter restaurants built today. At one time they used to stay open to 10 p.m. but over the years as the city grew and more night-time restaurants and sports bars opened they gradually cut back their hours and decided to offer just the food they have always been known for – breakfast and lunches.

In 1995, the restaurant was used for the shooting of an American film called “Johnny and Clyde.”

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Logic Pro X – Exploring Retro Synth

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In a video taken from our Logic Pro 2: Advanced Production course, we take a look at the new Retro Synth in Logic Pro X. Take this full sample course here :: Subscribe ::

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Exploring New York’s Oldest Military Surplus Store With Alpha Industries

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As we continue our cross-country journey in search of the best army navy shops with Alpha Industries at the helm, we return to our east coast home in New York City to uncover a gem of a shop that’s been family-owned for several generations. Full story:


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