PRAMTASIA & DOLLMANIA 2017 – the BIGGEST AND BEST EVER vintage pram event

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PRAMTASIA & DOLLMANIA 2017 the BIGGEST ever vintage pram event
Hundreds of Prams gathered together in a superlative venue
Saturday 15th July 2017 – THE FOURTH PRAMTASIA
A brilliant day when hundreds of vintage pram and doll enthusiasts gathered together in a huge aircraft hanger to enjoy their hobby together. The hall contained retailers selling pram accessories, dolls, reborn dolls, toys vintage clothing and, of course, some brilliant pram and doll displays from our colleagues. The children had their own entertainment and we ate together in our own private cafe area. A Grand Parade down the runway completed our fantastic day! I am very proud to have been co- organising this event for the last three years and managing this biggest PRAMTASIA myself in 2017. My thanks to everyone who attended – I enjoyed every minute and hope you did too!.

Celebrating 10th year Anniversary of FusionFall! New items and vehicles! – EVENT! – FusionFall Retro

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Happy 10th anniversary FusionFall! Come and play in this new event!

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Retro Fashion 70’s 80’s 90’s Event in NYC Part 2

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Every season CIRCA emerges in a new space and presents fresh vintage merchandise from the shop’s massive collection, the USA premiere is set to kick-off in NYC. The pop-up shop is set to unveil on Saturday, June 2nd at Gabriel Urist’s Worlds Fair from 12pm-8pm. Jesse Heifetz co-creator of CIRCA’s said, “First rate vintage one-of-a-kinds from the 70’s-90’s will be offered for the seasoned collectors. Our customers enjoy and share our love for amazing constructed and affordable timeless vintage pieces.”

To highlight a few vintage faves, be sure to check for: “original Benetton
apparel; luxe Christian Dior tops; Nike memorabilia; Yves Saint Laurent; Gucci collection (1960’s -1989); Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM); Coco Chanel accessories; TROOP apparel; Ralph Lauren (early 1900’s) and many other design notables. If you’re a vintage lover, this is an event you won’t want to miss, I’m def going to be at this one

Primark Arcade Retro Gaming Clothes Range | Launch Event

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We head to the launch event of Primarks – PrimarkArcade video game range. This was setup by Replay Events and we got to see what was on offer!

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Vintage Fashion Event in Phoenix!

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Claudine Villardito, owner of gave us a behind the scenes look at her archival collection of vintage fashion. Some pieces are so rare that museums have requested them!

The Phoenix Art Museum and the Arizona Costume Institute
hosted the event in downtown Phoenix.

Beyond restoration, Claudine also collects the oral history on each piece. From monkey fur coats to one of a kind dresses, this is a vintage lovers dream.

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Fashion Designer Runway Events Vintage Dresses Inspired Los Angeles Charity Event Bri Seeley

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Fashion Designer Runway Events Vintage Dresses Inspired Los Angeles Charity Event Bri Seeley

Fashion designer, Bri Seeley, unveils her new vintage dress line in Los Angeles, California. This contemporary style leans on icons of beauty past. Fashion week 2013 will see the debut of her spring collection 2014. A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit charity.