Antiques & Collectibles: Garage Sales : Antique Collecting: Costume Jewelry at Garage Sales

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An antique store owner explains how to evaluate costume jewelry you might find at garage sales and what to look for in this free video on antiques.

Retro Game Collecting 2019 – Sharing My Plans

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Happy New Year! Lets take a look at my Retro Game Collecting Plans for 2019. I discuss what retro games and systems I will be looking for in 2019 as well as what retro gaming events I’m looking to attend this year.

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Collecting Antiques in Nashville

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Collecting Antiques in Nashville.

In this video, I’m going to introduce you to one of the best places to hunt for antiques in Nashville, TN – the Antique Mall on 8th Ave S.

Watch this video if you are interested in finding collectibles, art deco items, vintage clothing and boots, vinyl records and players, mid-century furniture, accents and more.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about antique shopping in Nashville!

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Antiques: Collecting Antique Glassware : How to Identify Antique Medicine Bottles

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Antique medicine bottles will often been dark in color and have the name of the manufacturer or the pharmacist printed on the glass. Find old medicine bottles in amber or blue colors with helpful information from an antiques expert in this free video on collecting glassware.

Expert: Statia Widak
Bio: Statia Widak has been collecting antiques for more than 10 years.

learn to identify & find Vintage Clothing for collecting or reselling online

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hi there Im tiff! I love collecting and selling vintage clothing.

I am going to teach you my old school tricks to help you find authentic vintage fashions while out shopping for on your regular thrift adventures.

Vintage is special and doesnt always come up every time but when it does, you will be able to easily spot it using my techniques.

Get happy and have some fun adding vintage clothing hunting to your list while your out shopping & sourcing!

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Collecting Antique Kitchen Advertising Tins by Dealer Deanna Moyers

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Thank you for watching my video showing my antique Kitchen Advertising Tins collection. Advertising has become a huge collectible category in the antique world and in this video I give you some examples of early tins I have collected plus some vintage tins for sale. Check below for links to my online store & web page.

If you are in the Hagerstown MD area, please check my Vintage Touch antique booth located in Antique Crossroads mall for other ANTIQUE advertising pieces + much more.

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