Vintage Clothing For The Summer (Shirts)

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My top picks for clothing items that are suited for the summer. Enjoy and don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe!

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Vintage Clothing:

Bowling Shirts:

Hawaiian Shirts:

Work Shirts:


Western Shirts:

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2. Malibu Boulevard – 猫 シ Corp.
3. Card Shark – Kodak Cameo
4. Destine – Vector Graphics
5. New Appeal – 18 Carat Affair


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This is a behind the scenes video for the Fashion shoot we recently did. This was for a new line of mens vintage clothing, all pieces were put together my Paul Wartnaby and was shot at a beautiful country manner house.

Twitter: @twistyfocus

How To Sell Vintage Clothing On Etsy

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– How To Sell Vintage Clothing On Etsy – Wondering how average people are building businesses online with Etsy and on the internet in general?

Well welcome to the video this is going to be a complete principle based talk on concepts about “how to sell vintage clothing on etsy” that you have to know to make a well enough informed decision by the end of this video what to do or not to do.

If you enjoyed this video on how to sell vintage clothing on etsy and would also like to learn the skills to building a massive business on the internet, if you’re coachable and willing to learn a few things connect with me on my site above!

Cheap Vintage Clothing Online UK: Top Affordable Vintage Clothing Online Australia 2018

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Cheap Vintage Clothing Online UK: Top Affordable Vintage Clothing Online Australia 2018

►►Check This Cheap Vintage Dresses:

Sheinside Embroidery Party Dress Women Black Vintage Mesh Overlay Boho Skater Dresses 2017 Cute Lapel A Line Dress:

Johnature Women Summer Dresses Cotton Linen 2018 New Casual Robes Button Short Sleeve Loose Plus Size Women Vintage Dress:

Women islamic clothing Maxi Long sleeve Dress moroccan Kaftan Caftan abaya tunic Muslim gown turkish ethnic embroidery dress:

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DIY BRAIDED RUG // make a rug from old clothing + fabric scraps!

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Learn how to make a beautiful braided rug from your fabric scraps or worn out old clothing. This is a great way to take things that would otherwise end up in the landfill and give them a new life as some unique and useful.

I made this rug using a combination of old clothing that couldn’t be donated (was ruined or had lots of holes) and fabric scraps that were leftover from sample making for my line of sewing patterns.

You can also use this method to make other things like coasters, placemats, table runners or bath mats!


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girls who sell vintage clothing

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I like vintage clothing, hence why I made a video nearly a year ago about it and have so much of it. But a lot of 2nd hand clothing sellers pull some pretty cheap and disrespectful stunts, so I thought I’d pay a little tribute to some of the common occurences I see here 🙂

This video is thus satire. If you take me seriously, I will simply shake my head and mourn the fact that you didn’t read the description.

For those curious, the pink garment at the end is called an áo dài. It’s the traditional Vietnamese national garment, not an oriental lingerie piece 🙂

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(Zero Investment) clothing business ideas | Kapdo Ka Business Kaise Kare |

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Bohemian Clothing, Boho Hippie Fashion, Indie, Retro, Vintage Clothes.

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We’re all about bohemian clothing from indie brands that express our personal style. Shop UrbanPeopleClothing for bohemian & boho clothing. Boho dresses, tops, and sweaters have no rules because they are too eclectic, unique, and experimental. Our boho chic collection is inspired with the hippie fashion movements yet has the essence of latest industry trends. Lengthy clothing with relaxed aesthetics, baggy comfortable clothing, maxi dresses, layered skirts, you will get everything at

Vintage Clothing | Selling on EBAY Diversify

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ready for this live hangout!! Selling Vintage Clothing and Selling on EBAY Diversify. Come join me and Reselling With Rob as we venture into the mystery of selling, sourcing, finding, and making sure your vintage clothing isn’t fake to sell on ebay. We will also discuss other vintage items!!

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Walk in Vintage fashion boutique, Holliday window display, vintage clothing

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The holiday display window of Walk in Vintage fashion boutique located at 3758 Howard Ave in Kensington, Maryland, all the fashions are also available on-line with free shipping in the US, please visit

Summer Clothing Haul 2018 | Vintage finds, Shoes & Art

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Secondhand Summer Clothing Try On Haul! Vintage, edgy n aesthetic
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Mystery Vintage Clothing Haul For Future Rocked Up Frocks | Rockstars and Royalty

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I acquired these 2 huge bags of vintage 40s to 80s clothes for FREE, but I have no idea what’s in them! Will we find trash or treasure? Watch and find out. Subscribe to see how I revamp some of them in my future Rocked Up Frocks videos. #haulternative

Check out the previous episodes of my Rocked Up Frocks series to see how I transform other vintage and pre-loved clothing and accessories.

Rockstars and Royalty Facebook group –

These clothes came from my local ‘buy nothing’ Facebook page. Find your local group and learn more about the Buy Nothing Project here –

Welcome! I’m Vicky, a fashion designer, a campaigner for social change, and an advocate for unique self-expression.

You won’t find cheap, fast fashion clothing hauls here – I believe in buying less and buying better. I love to be unique, so I shop mostly for vintage, pre-loved and good quality clothing, and combine them with handmade and upcycled clothes and accessories to create my looks. Subscribe for sewing, upcycling, styling, fashion, beauty, and shopping videos, and encouraging you to have the confidence to break free from trends and beauty standards to create your own unique look. I’ll also take you behind the scenes of my life, my fashion business, Rockstars and Royalty, and my social enterprise business, The Just Be Revolution, in my weekly vlogs every Monday.

Let’s change what society sees and beautiful, normal and acceptable. Let’s raise a middle finger to beauty standards. Let’s be who we want to be.

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LYTO – Vintage Clothing feat. 23VRSZ

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Directed by Y.MUNENORI

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1. intro
4. EGO feat. Jin Dogg, L.Bitch
5. キコエナイ feat. SASKIA
6. CLASSIC feat. 勝
9. 音泉 feat. Jin Dogg
10. 聴きやすい曲

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dilanni dress clothing review 2017

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June Marie Liddy
dancing is a form of art and exercise Dilanni Women’s Retro Deep V Neck Half Sleeve Vintage Cocktail Swing Dress Party Dress size small
trying clothes on my mannequin
fashion style clothing review 2017 satin silk 2 half slips

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A DAY IN MELBOURNE | DAISO HAUL Vintage Clothing &Pigeons

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Come into the city with me today to have brunch in Melbourne, I head to daiso to help get rid of my pigeon problem and more! A day in my life in Melbourne!

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