Old Jeans Recycling | Make Awesome Door Mat,Rugs,Table Mat,Carpet from old waste Clothes

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We are going to make Rugs,Carpet,Coaster & Door Mat from old Jeans .Its really simple & beautiful for your door decoration.

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DIY Clothes! DIY 5 T-Shirt Crafts (T-Shirt Cutting Ideas and Projects with 5 Outfits)

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DIY clothes: DIY T Shirt! In this DIY clothes tutorial I show you 5 amazing DIY T shirt projects and outfits. These easy crafty DIY fashionable shirts are perfect for summer, so grab your old T shirts and let’s do some DIY clothes crafts. Many of you liked my first DIY T-Shirt tutorial and my DIY shorts and DIY shoes videos, so I decided to do another from DIY clothes projects. With every T-shirt I also show an outfit so prepare for 5 cool summer outfits. You can wear them to school or rock them at home! If you like easy DIY crafts then these DIY T Shirt cutting ideas are perfect for you. So let’s recycle, revamp or renovate your old clothes into amazing DIY tops. If you’re a teenager, an adult or a kid, if you like fashion and if you want to stand out this summer with an awesome T-shirt then this is the tutorial for you.

The first DIY project we are making is an adorable DIY shirt with panda and lace detailing. For the lace hem you only need a piece of lace and a fabric glue. Glue the lace on the back of your shirt edge for a lovely lace accent. The other part of our first DIY t shirt is a cute panda bear. I made it using fabric markers, but you can use fabric paint instead. If you wan you can draw other animals like bunny, mouse or whatever your favorite animal may be. This is why these DIY projects are so much fun! You can be so creative and tailor your DIY shirts to perfectly suit your preferences! Now to the outfits. Keeping the rest of my outfit simple I paired it with black denim shorts and some white lacey sneakers

Next DIY clothes project includes a gorgeous lace cut out and fringe. Fringe is the hottest trend this summer, even though, honestly I adore fringe shirts every summer! I love how fringe gives so much movement and uniqueness to every shirt. And what is better and than a handmade DIY shirt? I decided to make my fringe even more special and interesting with a cool knotting technique. For a lovely bohemian detail I also made a lace heart cut out on the back. Just cut the heart, stick a piece of lace inside the shirt and you are done! Now this is what I call fashion! Outfits: Top with some light washed skinny jeans and sneakers with blue stars all over. Some brown sandals or wedges would go perfectly with this outfit too for a more romantic, bohemian look.

In this DIY crafts video I also show you a simple variation of the knotted fringe. Just cut the excess fringe and you are left with the beautiful crochet cropped top, perfect to wear with high waisted shorts and shirts. How cool right?! Just with one simple step you get a completely different DIY shirt! Since this top is shorter I like wearing it more high – waisted bottoms, like this skirt – one of my favorites outfits.

Now this is a DIY old clothes project. I had this yellow t-shirt for more than 10 years. Many DIY shirts can be simply pimped up with DIY shirt cutting. I show you a simple braid idea. On my DIY fashion shirt I made a cutting design around the collar and along the back. I also cut away the sleeves and the bottom hem, which always make your DIT shirts look so edgy and cool. DIY shirt cutting ideas are especially awesome on graphic tees, like mine. Distressed light washed jeans, blue sneakers and cool glasses to complement this lovely t shirt outfit.

In this DIY shirts project tutorial I also show a beaded fringe top with a DIY star graphic design. I made a star using rounded sponge applicators, star stencil and fabric paint. This time I decided to spice up the lace using blue beads. This DIY shirt just screams summer to me. I love the star explosion and fringe combined with the beads! See how you can be super creative and combine different elements to create amazing DIY shirts. This is why DIY clothes project are always so much fun! Last of 5 outfits consist of yellow shorts and white sneakers, because with a top like this you don’t really need much more.

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Rue St Denis a Vintage Clothing Stores in New York selling Clothes

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Welcome to Rue St Denis! A boutique full of unworn vintage collections imported from around the globe

Rue St Denis
170 Avenue B New York NY USA 10009

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Headbands for babies and toddlers from old clothes Tutorial: 4 cute styles

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About this Video:
A few days back, I had posted a video on DIY headbands for girls from old T shirts and a lot of you requested me to do a video tutorial on headbands for babies.

So in this video I show you 4 styles of how to make headbands for baby girls.

These 4 styles of diy baby headbands are:

1. Ruffle Flower Headband

2. Fabric bow headband

3. Ribbon Bow headband

4. Knot headband

The best part about these cute baby headbands is that they’re so easy to make; there’s nothing to stop you from making one in every color imaginable!

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Traditional Indian quilt making – only hand sewing and old clothes

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Hey Guys, here is a video tutorial of how they make quilts the traditional way.
The finished length of the quilt is – 80 inches(250 cms)
width is – 40 inches (100cms)

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Hey guys! If you are new to my channel, my name is Kristina, and I love making videos about makeup, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and so much more. I hope you find something you like and stick around for more upcoming content!

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You guys loved my Last ” Wearing Very EXTRA Wish Clothes For A Week!! ” video so you know I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN! But this time with WAY MORE EXTRA WISH ITEMS like EXTRA EXTRA and it was EXTRA EXTRA EMBARRASSING!!

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Ahankti vm in a retro style||tu aashiqui||Ahaan and Pankti stylish clothes||

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13 Easy School Girl Fashion Hacks and Back to School DIY Clothes Ideas by Crafty Panda

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Is it time to go back to school? So study with fashion & style! Discover awesome school fashion hacks, learn how to make your own stylish dress code and create clever but simple DIY clothes. We’ll also show you how to reuse and upgrade your old outfits, plus many more cool and simple DIY tricks and tips by Crafty Panda!

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How to get stains out of clothes.

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Malena of Malena’s Vintage Boutique tells you what she uses everyday, to get out hard to penetrate stains from vintage clothes.

The best stain fighting products for vintage clothes and fabrics:
Products I use to fight and treat tough stains:
Oxy Clean
Clorox Bleach
Whinks Rust Remover
Carbona Stain Devil
Dryer Sheets
Resolve Stain Fighter

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YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCEMFegvQ5TSdIjZZHIpDxVA
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Ebay: www.ebay.com/str/malenasvintageboutique
Website: www.malenasboutique.com


Hi, I’m Malena from Malena’s Vintage
Boutique and this is a multi-part series
of my favorite products that I use to
clean vintage clothing
first we talk about a product that just about everybody has in their household,
regular old bleach. Now you need to be
careful soaking things in bleach
long-term because it will deteriorate
the fabric but it is a great stain
fighter. I keep a little bit of it and a
little eyedropper so you can drop it
right on to the stain. Next one of my
favorite things is oxy clean you can
soak something in this for days and days
and days even pieces that are
and they’re not going to fall apart
OxiClean fight stains differently than
bleach so it will get out some things that
bleach can’t and vice versa. Little-known
Fact, OxiClean can be used on colored items
just be careful on items at date
pre-1940 because they’re not colorfast. A
new product on the market is the Febreze
odor eliminator. This is a liquid that
you add to a entire load of laundry so
if you’re washing a bunch of 1950s
cotton dresses add a little bit of this
and it’ll make them smell really fresh
and clean. Another item that just about
everybody has is dryer sheets. If you get
an old vintage pocketbook that smells a
little musty inside you can put in some
dryer sheets and it will absorb the odor.
they’re also great for vintage shoes or
just when your story and vintage items
put a few of these in the pockets and
when you take them out the next
season, they’ll smell nice and clean. Next
we’re onto the stain fighters. Resolve
spray and wash is one of my favorites. It
really penetrates the stains without
ruining the fabric or the print on some older pieces.
My most recently discovered stain
fighter is Whink rust remover. It is
awesome you can put it on just about
anything and literally just watch the
stain lift out of the clothing. You don’t
need to dampen the item just squirt it
on. Now Whink rust remover you can’t find at a grocery store you need to look at a
Home Depot Lowe’s or an Ace Hardware. Now
if you’re really trying to target a
difficult stain, Carbona Stain Devil’s
is the way to go. They come in a
multitude of varieties for grass, ink,
blood, wine… now each of them works a
little bit differently so make sure you
read the directions. They’re also found in
a grocery store or online.
Stay tuned for more episodes on how to
use these products on vintage clothing.

what i got from a vintage kilo sale | preloved clothes haul

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I recently went to the Worth The Weight Vintage Kilo Sale in Birmingham so here’s the things I picked up all for just £21!

if you don’t wanna hear me ramble about what a kilo sale is and just wanna see the clothes, skip to around 3.26

EDIT: i’ve just noticed there are a few issues that occurred while this vid was exporting, oops!! sorry about that 🙁

i hope you enjoy the video!

thank you for watching xx

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Surf Shimmy – Kevin MacLeod

Women Jacket Fashion Ladies Retro Floral Zipper Up Bomber Jacket Casual Coat Women Clothes

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Women Jacket Fashion Ladies Retro Floral Zipper Up Bomber Jacket Casual Coat Women Clothes

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Panic! At The Disco: Emperor’s New Clothes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Panic! At The Disco’s official video for ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’from the album Death Of A Bachelor – available now on DCD2 / Fueled By Ramen.


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Directed by Daniel Cloud Campos

Welcome to the end of eras
Ice has melted back to life
Done my time and served my sentence
Dress me up and watch me die
If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Dynasty decapitated
You just might see a ghost tonight

And if you don’t know now you know…

I’m taking back the crown
I’m all dressed up and naked
I see what’s mine and take it
(Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah
The crown…
So close I can taste it
I see what’s mine and take it
(Finders keepers, losers weepers)
Oh yeah

Sycophants on velvet sofas
Lavish mansions, vintage wine
I am so much more than Royal
Snatch your chain and mace your eyes
If it feels good, tastes good
It must be mine
Heroes always get remembered
But you know legends never die

Mortal kings are ruling castles
Welcome to my world of fun
Liars settle into sockets
Flip the switch and watch them run

Collective Clothing Haul | Vintage & Streetwear Clothes!

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Hey guys and welcome to my video! I thought I would put together the clothing items I have been collecting over the past few months into a video, along with my current favourite pieces!

If you have any questions about any of the clothing items shown in this video please feel free to ask in the comment section!

Thankyou for watching!!

#clothinghaul #outfitoftheday #winterclothing #winteroutfitideas

Ironing – Antique Cast Iron Iron: Pressing Clothes Small Household Appliances, Blockbuster…

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I hope you guys like this video, give it a like and comment which were your favorite outfits! All the clothes were thrifted!
Mail me! P.O. BOX 66012 Virginia beach, VA 23466
Song 1:
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Song 2:
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